Doctor Israel Figa on the Importance of Getting Your Yearly Flu Shot

by Doctor Israel Figa

There are many things in life that we take for granted. However, the one thing that you must never take for granted is your health. So many simple things can prevent you from falling sick seriously, and one of them is getting the flu shot every year. Some people do not take their flu shots seriously because they don’t think that flu is a serious disease. There is a lot that these people can understand when you teach them about flu. If you are someone who is not serious about getting vaccinated for flu, you should do it right now. You can also continue to read this article to know more about the importance of your flu shot.

Now, when words come from your friends or someone you don’t know, you don’t really take things that seriously. However, everything that you read today should be taken seriously because every word is coming from Doctor Israel Figa. Doctor Israel Figa will tell you why you should get your yearly flu shot. More importantly, he will be shedding light on getting this particular flu shot in this year. If you are aware of the world around, you must already know that the Coronavirus is already spreading around the world at an alarming pace.

Let’s know a few things about the flu shot first and then talk about the reasons why it is important to get your yearly flu shot this year according to Doctor Israel Figa.

Basic Knowledge of the Flu Shot

So, the first thing that you have to know is that flu shot refers to getting vaccinated for flu. There are many diseases in the world that you can fight only through vaccination. So, vaccination is different from other forms of medication. In this particular method, you are given the dead or weak viruses of the diseases that you are supposed to fight against. Now, once you have the dead or weak viruses of that condition in your body, the immune system reacts immediately. It works to kill the virus, which is already pretty weak. Since the virus is weak, the immune system is able to fight against it very easily.

This helps your body create a strong shield against the virus if it attacks again. Here, you have to know that you are vaccinated only for viral disease. You don’t get vaccines for bacteria-based diseases. For them, you can get help from antibiotics. Now, if you notice, you will see that there are many viral disease for which you get to get vaccinated only once in life. So, if you have been vaccinated for a disease in your childhood, you don’t have to get the vaccine for it ever again. However, things change when it comes to flu. This particular condition requires you to take a shot every single year.

First of all, the disease that you are fighting against i.e. flu, continues to evolve every single year. The virus for flu continues to change and mutate. For this reason, the vaccine that you have taken the previous year might not work this year. Scientists are working in their laboratories to improve the vaccine for the newly mutated virus. So, the vaccine from the last year might not be effective against the virus of this year. For this reason, you should get vaccinated with the vaccine that protects you against the disease that has already evolved.

In addition to that, you also have to pay attention to the fact that your body becomes weak when it fights against flu. The immune system in your body loses its strength after fighting the flu virus. Now, the vaccine you get the next year is like fuel for the immune system in your body. It prepares your immune system to fight against the virus yet again and continue to fight for a year without a problem. Dr. Israel Figa believes that not taking these shots is a way of strengthening the virus. You never know when the virus might become so powerful that no vaccines work against it.

Why Get the Flu Shot This Year Especially

Doctor Israel Figa believes that this is the most important year in your life of getting the flu shot. You might have ignored getting your shot in the previous years, but you must not do this in the current year. You already know that the pandemic is spreading in the world very quickly. It is not true to say that the flu shot will protect you against this virus, but you can say for sure that it will protect you in other ways from getting infected with the disease. So, let’s look at the reasons why you must not miss your flu shot this year.

Protect Your Immune System

You have to know that the coronavirus or any other virus for that matter is powerful against you when your immune system does not have the power. You have to make sure that you keep your immune system powerful and strong at all times. The best way to do that is to keep away from all types of illnesses. There are certain illnesses that you can’t really escape, and flu is one of them. You will hardly find anyone in your surroundings who has not had flu in the past. So, you can say that even the people with the best immune system get flu.

When they have flu, their immune systems become weak after fighting this virus, as stated earlier as well. The weakness of the immune system is great for the virus as it now has the perfect host to attack. It knows that the immune system in your body cannot fight against it. Doctors all around the world have been telling their patients to keep their immune systems strong. You can’t say that you will not get the coronavirus when your immune system is strong, but you can say for sure that your chances of facing detrimental consequences from this virus are very low when you have a strong immune system. S

Reduce Your Medical Costs

Millions of people around the world have to visit their physicians and doctors every year only to get diagnosed with flu. Yes, for some people, flu might not be a serious disease. There are many people in the world who completely ignore the presence of flu. They take the condition for a few days, and then it fixes automatically. However, not everyone is like that and you should know this. Thousands of people end up on hospital beds only because of flu. You don’t want to be in that situation by completely ignoring the strength of your immune system.

Now, when you visit a doctor for any condition, you have to pay for the medical bills as well. It is not wise to pay for something that you could have completely avoided. If you take your yearly shot, you will not have to face the condition and visit the doctor and spend your money on something that you could have completely dodged.

Reduce the Effect of Flu

Doctor Israel Figa has been clear in stating that even if you get ill after getting your flu shot, you have a very high chance of getting very lightly ill. You see, there are people in the world who end up on beds for many months only because they do not take a small condition seriously. You can safely say that flu is one of those conditions. When you don’t take this particular condition seriously, you end up with other issues. Now, you can get flu even if you have received your yearly shots. However, the severity of the condition will not be as high in you when you have been vaccinated as it is in people who have not received any vaccination at all.

Reduce the Effect of Other Conditions

You have to know that when your immune system is not strong, it is not just flu but many other conditions that can hurt you. There are many diseases in the world and you never know when you might get one. However, you can always reduce the chances of getting any of these diseases if you have received your yearly flu shots. You can say that the flu shots you get every year are like improved locks on your doors and passwords on your personal accounts. If someone has learned your old passwords and the way to break your old locks, they will be shocked when they see the improved locks and passwords.

That’s what happens when you get your yearly flu shot. You are protecting your immune system through the flu shots. You don’t get flu, and hence your immune system does not have to bear the burden of a physical condition. This allows your body to stay fresh and active against many other physical and medical conditions. So, if you have not taken your flu shot, you should get it as soon as possible.

Reducing the Load on Hospitals

The most important point that Doctor Israel Figa has made in the favor of getting your flu shots is that he thinks that you should do everything you can to put as little stress on the healthcare system of your country as possible. You have to take all the measures that can keep you from entering a hospital and getting hospitalized? You already know the pandemic condition around the world. Even in the biggest and best countries of the world like Russia and America, the hospitals have run out of beds and ventilators to cater to the needs of their patients.

More and more coronavirus patients are going to the hospitals in the US every single day. This has already put a lot of burden on the system. There are not enough beds to accommodate the coronavirus patients in many hospitals in the US. Now, imagine yourself occupying one of these beds in one of these hospitals. You will be blocking the way for someone who could get killed by the virus. So, if you want to play your part in making your country safer and cleaner from the virus, you should consider not going to the hospital for small conditions like flu.

Reducing Deaths

Now, you have to know that even the small and light condition can be a huge blow for the immune system inside your body when it is not strong. That’s what has been happening around the world in recent months. There are millions of people around the world who have weak immune systems because their immune systems were fighting with flu and other conditions in the past. When they are attacked by the novel coronavirus, their bodies have no way of fighting the condition. This results in even a small and non-serious condition becoming very serious.

You have to know that the coronavirus is not as deadly as many other viruses that have wreaked havoc in the world in the past. Many of the deaths taking place in the world right now are not exactly due to the coronavirus. Doctor Israel Figa believes that most of the deaths in the adults that have been associated with the coronavirus were not due to the coronavirus. The coronavirus only became an excuse for these people’s death. They already had severe chronic conditions. Their immune systems were weak, also because they had not received their flu shots. When the coronavirus attacked their bodies, their immune system completely succumbed and surrendered.

Final Thoughts

Doctor Israel Figa is right in pointing out the many reasons for getting your flu shot this year. While you should get this shot every single year, but ignoring your vaccination in the past was not as serious as it is in 2020. Millions of people have already died around the world because of the coronavirus. You now want to protect yourself as much as possible against this virus. Of course, as mentioned earlier, your flu vaccination will not protect you directly against the coronavirus, but it will help you in many ways indirectly to avoid COVID-19 and live happily.