Tom Baskind Features The Top 5 Tools for Landscape Design

Landscape design tools are highly useful when it comes to planning any landscape design for a homeowner to work more effectively than just jotting down the plan on paper. Whether you’re a homeowner, designer, or professional, it’s a crime to not use all the tools within your reach. You can use any of these landscape design tools to have a smooth drafting process for your goals.

1.    PRO Landscape Design

PRO Landscape Design software offers some of the best landscape designing tools for architects and homeowners, such as it provides them with the best proposal drafting tools, and photo imaging. This software also comes with a non-commercial version for homeowners and is mobile friendly. You can easily download it on your Apple, Android, and Amazon devices. This software gives you the ability to create 3D files, edit hardscapes, and create customer proposals, plant databases, and many more. However, the features differ for the paid and unpaid versions.

2. is one of the most diverse landscape design software tools that include designing tips and layouts. offers an online service known as Visualizer, enabling you to design your dream landscape and offer consultation and many tips. The best part about this software is that it is free and you can install it on all windows operating systems.

3.    SketchUp

One of Thomas Baskind’s favorite tools, SketchUp is a landscape design software that offers the best tools to model, draft, and render all your landscape ideas into reality. This is free software that allows you to draw in 3D and offers CAD project management tools tailored specifically for the construction industry. The tools offered on this software enable you to turn your original models into dimensional and context-full design files.

4.    DreamPlan Home Design

DreamPlan Home Design is a landscape design and home software that offers some of the best tools to help professionals and homeowners visualize finished designs proceeding to redesign. This software supports all kinds of landscape designs, including garden, home, and floor plans. The tools are very simple to use, and feature blueprint view mode, and 3D and 2D rendering.

5.    Plan-a-Garden

Tom Baskind loves Plan-a-Garden which offers the best design-planning tools for good homes and gardens. These tools are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of homeowners. With these tools, you can see all your remodeling plans before you hand off the designs to your professional contractor. You will also get free browser-based tools.


With the help of these tools and information from Tom Baskind Landscape Design, you can expect a smooth and fun learning process the next time you plan on renovating or creating something new in your house.