The Best Medicine Schools In Australia?

Australian are known for their life-changing and huge medical research. From the cochlear implants’ issues to the amazing IVF treatment, different heart plants and ultrasounds have been invented by them for medical science. However, if you wish to study medical science in Australia, you must search for one of thebest medicine schools in Australia. To make it easier for you to choose the best one, some of the best medical schools are discussed below.

Before explaining about these schools, you should know about the levels of medical programs in Australia.

Two Levels Of Medical Programs:

  • Undergraduate Entry:

In this program, you can directly apply for a medical program from your High School. This program will be completed in 5 to 6 years.

  • Graduate Entry:

You are eligible for this program when you have completed your bachelor’s degree. Only then, you can apply for graduate medicine program. 4-years are required for the completion of this program.

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Now back to the topic and let us tell you about the top Australian medical schools:

  1. The Australian National University Medical School:

People use to call this school the ANUMS. It is a graduate-level best medical school in Australia. Admission in this medical school is based on GPA and GAMSAT scores.

The program offered by this medical school is MChD. It is a four-year graduate program in which students learn about medicine and healthcare in an Australian environment.

  1. The University/Medical School Of Sydney (USYD)

This medical school offers a program of 7 years that is an MD double undergraduate project.

Students can get the opportunity to opt for combined programs like commerce, science, and also music along with medicine. Moreover, this unique MD program provides a great opportunity for clinical training and research skill training exposure.

  1. The University Of Melbourne (Best Medical School)

This school is ranked among the 20 best schools and medical institutes in Australia. The University of Melbourne was the first-ever school created in Australia for the professional studies of medical science.

This university is internationally known for its management and advancement in the department of health study and medical practice. It offers a 4-year graduate MD program that mainly focuses on anatomy and biochemistry.

  1. Monash University/School, Melbourne

The school is shortly called the MU Medical University School. Thistop medical school in Australia offers a 4-years MBBS undergraduate program along with a disciplinary program that is biomedical sciences.

Besides this, this university puts the focus on providing a clinical environment based on different case studies.

  1. Flinders University/Medical School, South Australia

The amazing Flinders Medical University/School has launched an MD undergraduate and graduate program that is different from other traditional programs as it completes in 4-years.

They run the school by introducing innovations in the field of medical science. Clinical skills are taught to students, and they also possess simulation labs.

  1. Deakin University/School, Melbourne

Deakin is also known as one of top-rated medical universities in Australia. They provide world best facilities along with practical training.

This school offers the 4-year MBBS undergraduate program along with clinical training and rural health training program.


Thus, there are different medical schools in Australia, and you can select the one according to your ability and requirements. Nevertheless, visit the CatEight to find the best available medical courses.

Hafiz Sarmad