Rethinking Legal Services for SMEs

2020 is a year most of us are not likely to forget. For some, this meant cancelled flights, and familiarity with the word “Zoom” beyond the function of a camera lens; for others, job loss, and even business closure. It is the year that our lives, how we perceive the world, and how we interact with it, from the simplest form to more complex interplays, have been disrupted, perhaps forever. From oil markets to tourism, it appears that if a business cannot exist and operate from the digital space, this year has been quite the force to reckon with. The legal industry, one of the relatively more stable industries over the years, has been significantly affected. For one thing, shaking hands on a deal is a culture we have had to reconsider, but that is just about the least of it.

As would be expected due to cashflow limitations making it difficult to survive for extended periods of time with a reduced customer base, small and medium enterprises have been major victims of these recent disruptions brought on by the pandemic. Beyond the reported slump in sales, small and medium-size businesses have been affected by the unavailability of labour, suspension of production, shortage of raw materials, and many other variables that affect the flow of business. Inevitably, to regain a sense of balance from the shocks, there will be a need to reduce their costs in every way possible. One of such costs will be the cost of legal services. For some businesses, this might mean the complete avoidance of hiring professional lawyers, for others that cannot risk such; it could mean dealing with cheaper legal service providers that may put the business at risk due to a lack of experience. And not to mention, many of these small-scale legal service providers provide little safety nets should problems arise following their work.

Fully aware of the current landscape, it has become apparent now that the traditional way of lawyering and billing will not be sustainable in this new world. Certainly not with small and medium scale enterprises. It is just not enough to offer the same antiquated and generic legal assistance with an outrageous price tags considering the economic realities on the ground. Ironically, with uncertainty still very much in the air, there has not been a more important time to dot the “i”s and cross the “t”s. So, how can a firm respond in an adaptive manner to provide high-quality service with the security framework expected in all things legal? You leverage technology, and that is exactly what Centurion Plus is designed to do.

Centurion Plus; Legal Solutions for SMEs

At Centurion Plus, we have made it our mission to provide legal services specially tailored to our client’s business. Our model dispenses with the need for insistent face-to-face meetings, and even breaks away from the traditional billing system that will see businesses paying for time where no active work is being done on their project. We are offering a client-focused and flexible service to meet your specific requirements and as a brand with a reputation to protect, we have made sure that all our lawyers have the experience and the expertise to provide dynamic legal solutions in all our areas of expertise. As you read this, our lawyers are available to work with you on-demand, wherever you may require the service.

SMEs do not need to break the bank or incur heavy costs for legal service. We offer cost-effective legal solutions without compromising security and quality. We have the capacity to assist you in any area and you pay for actual work only.

Give us a call or send us an email, we’d be happy to discuss with you.

Oneyka Ojogbo, Head of Germany, Centurion Plus.

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