Smartphone Camera vs DSLR – Which one is good?

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Cameras on smartphones have come a long way. Nowadays, some photos captured with smartphone cameras are almost identical to one that is captured with a dedicated DSLR camera. And in this article, we are about to check which one is the best, smartphone camera, or DSLR camera.

A lot of people use a smartphone for mobile photography. A lot of people even prefer using the smartphone camera instead of a DSLR for a couple of reasons. Here are some reasons why people tend to lean towards smartphone cameras instead of DSLR.

  • Compact form factor
  • Easy to carry
  • Cost
  • No need to buy additional accessories

These are some reasons why people tend to buy Smartphones for camera purposes instead of a DSLR. And to be frank the image output from a smartphone nowadays is mind-blowing.

Now, let’s see which one should you get? Should you use your smartphone camera or buy a DSLR?

Smartphone Camera vs DSLR – The Main Difference

The main and biggest difference when comparing smartphone cameras and DSLR is the fact that smartphone cameras come with small sensors while DSLR camera sensors are much bigger, like almost 10 – 15 times bigger than a smartphone camera sensor.

The bigger the sensor is, the more light enters the camera producing way better and crispier shots. The small camera sensor on your smartphone is no way a bad one. But as the sensor on the DSLR is bigger it lets more light pass in. This itself will make a drastic difference for that matter.

If you are a photography nerd who wants the perfect shot and better performance in low light then DSLR is the one that you should use.

Compactness vs Bulky

Some DSLRs are bulky at every angle. When compared with the size of a smartphone, DSLR cameras are generally heavier and come with a bigger form factor. And this itself is one of the reasons why people opt to select a smartphone. If you were about to go with a smartphone camera, then you are only required to carry a single device that you always do.

If the size of the gadget is a problem for you then a Smartphone camera will be the best option for you.

Spending Extra Money

The smartphone is something that we already own and carry every single day with us. Not everyone will have a DSLR. A good and affordable DSLR will cost you at least $500 – $750 depending on the brand. One thing to note here is that we already have a smartphone in our pocket, so we are not required to spend any more money on the camera gear side of things.

But if we were about to buy a DSLR then you should be buying the DSLR body, lens, tripod, camera bag, SD Card, and other accessories to use. This will make the cost of owning a camera to the higher side.

As you might have seen already, owning a DSLR is a big investment. You will have to buy the camera itself, lens, ND filters, tripod, mic, etc. All this can be minimized if we use a Smartphone with a good camera sensor from a reputed brand. iPhones and Google Pixels smartphones are well known for their camera performance.

If you are an Android user and if you are not satisfied with the results from your current smartphone then there is a little workaround for it.

Google Cam Ports will help you to install the Google Camera app on your Android smartphone. As mentioned earlier, Google Pixel is a really great smartphone when it comes to camera performance. The camera app that comes in Pixel is the Gcam. So, installing Google Camera and using it to take photos and videos will deliver more quality than the stock camera app.

In the end, you might have got an idea of which one to choose. If portability and spending extra cash are not an issue then go for a DSLR and if you are looking for compactness and can’t spend more money on camera gears then smartphone cameras are what you are looking for.