Dr. Lewis Morrison Dentist Discusses Why Mini Dental Implants May Be the Perfect Solution to Your Missing Tooth or Teeth

Lewis Morrison dentistrecently discussed why mini dental implants could be the ideal solution for a missing tooth or teeth.
CLIFTON PARK, NY / JULY, 2020 / The dental industry is constantly advancing, and doctors likeLewis Morrison dentistare always at the cutting-edge of these changes. Mini dental implants are state-of-the-art implants that are slightly smaller than traditional implants are used in the lower jaw. They require a less complicated installation procedure than traditional implants.Lewis Morrison dentistrecently discussed why mini dental implants could be the ideal solution for your missing tooth or teeth.
Lewis Morrisondentist explained installing mini dental implants does not involve surgery. That means the process is drastically quicker and less painful for the patient. In fact,Lewis Morrison dentistexplained mini dental impacts typically result in little to no bleeding. He added that this process is ideal for those who have concerns with bleeding problems or simply don’t want to deal with the discomfort associated with incisions and surgery. Mini dental implants can also be placed by general dentists, which means patients don’t need to wait weeks or months to receive an operation from a qualified oral surgeon.
“Another major advantage of mini dental implants is that the process can be completed immediately,”Lewis Morrison dentistsaid. “You can place a restoration tooth on the implant and not have to wait three months like other, traditional implants.”
Lewis Morrisondentist added that mini dental implants have a much smaller impact on the patient’s lifestyle. They don’t require multiple visits to complete and require drastically less sedation than traditional implants. This allows patients to return to work the same day without the need for major pain killers. Typically, a patient only needs a few aspirins following the procedure to minimize any minor discomforts that may take place.
“I often recommend mini dental implants to anyone concerned with finding a more budget-friendly option,”Lewis Morrison dentistsaid. “Our mini dental implants cost significantly less than wider implants. This can be a major benefit to many patients.”
Dentists likeLewis Morrison dentistexplain that mini dental implants have been accepted by the FDA for 15 years. He explained that studies show mini dental implants have the same success rate as traditional, wider implants without invasive surgery, resulting in pain, and extended recovery time.
“We have had great success with our mini dental implants, and our patients have been more than pleased,”Lewis Morrison dentistsaid. “Our clients are entering the office with far less anxiety and are leaving with immediate results. We expect to see more patients opting for mini dental implants over traditional implants in the coming months and years.”
Lewis Morrison dentistencourages anyone interested in receiving dental implants to contact him for more information about this more affordable and less invasive option.