HubShout Unveils New Branding as Semify, LLC


With a new normal comes a new name: HubShout, LLC has now rebranded as Semify, LLC.


Since its inception in 2008 by established entrepreneurs Chad Hill and Adam Stetzer, Ph.D., HubShout has offered top tier internet marketing services with a hands-on approach to its clients. But after spending 12 years in the digital marketing arena, the Rochester-based boutique agency revealed that it was time for a new logo, website, and philosophy.

The agency’s strong culture coupled with its focus on performance, personal connection, and a learning-based mindset led the team to a need for rebranding in order to reflect the company’s “why” — its shared values and mission.

The firm’s new name, Semify, is a reference to search engine marketing. However, the company’s new logo and purpose are all about the relationships the team builds with their clients and each other. Semify’s brand essence, “Growing Together,” encapsulates the company’s deepest aspirations.


Explains Co-Founder and CEO Adam Stetzer, “Since we started focusing on our team and our culture four years ago, we have seen a transformation within the company. The professional and personal growth of the team has led us to this re-branding, and we are now extremely excited to be sharing our ‘Grow. Together.’ philosophy with the world.”

The Rochester, NY-based boutique agency has now launched its newly designed website and brand, effectively retiring the HubShout name. Semify will continue to provide the personal experience customers have comes to depend on, with an even greater emphasis placed on sharing knowledge, building lasting relationships, and fostering new opportunities. Semify’s white label reseller services and team of digital marketing specialists are focused on growing together so that all will have the freedom to be more, do more, and have more.


Semify has never shied away from innovation, having launched its white label reseller program in 2013. In so doing, the company was able to better serve its clients by increasing both execution and profitability. Uniquely positioned to operate in a fully remote work environment, Semify’s continued spotlight on new product development and customer satisfaction have allowed the company and its partners to thrive during a challenging period in the nation’s history.

For additional information about the company’s rebranding and services, please visit their website:

About Semify, LLC: Established in 2008, Semify, LLC (formerly known as HubShout, LLC) has now grown to a dedicated team of digital marketing professionals offering SEO and PPC services as part of its white label reseller model. Semify’s digital marketing insights and cultural accomplishments have been featured in the Star Tribune, the Las Vegas Sun, and the Rochester Business Journal, among others.

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