The fantastic 23AndMe Health + Ancestry Kit is 50% off today

Woot is selling the 23AndMe Health + Ancestry Kit for $100 today.

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If you’ve been holding back on finding out if you’re descended from Swedish blacksmiths, or if that family history of heart disease is more donut than DNA, today is your day. Woot is selling the 23andMe Health + Ancestry test for $100. That’s well below the $149 sale price we got excited about in June and a whopping $100 off the usual price.

We reviewed 23andMe Health + Ancestry in February, giving it top marks and an Editors’ Choice award. “Comprehensive testing, interesting results, and compelling presentation combine in the best overall DNA testing experience on the market today,” we said.


We also found some fun sidelines, like how much of your DNA is made up of Neanderthal (if it pertains to you), as well as where your genetic ancestors migrated over the years. It’s an interesting kit, to say the least.

You can expect it to take anywhere from two to eight weeks to get your results back. Once you’ve got your results you can spend your social distancing hours looking at all the information.

[Today’s deal: 23AndMe Ancestry + Health for $100 at Woot.]

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