Why Are Smartphone Prices Rising in India?

And is Realme C11 now the best phone under Rs. 8,000?

On this episode of Orbital we talk about the recent spate of smartphone price hikes in India. Reviews editor Jamshed Avari joins host Pranay Parab to discuss why this has been happening and what comes next. We begin this episode by mentioning some smartphones whose prices have increased in recent times and what the reasons behind this could be. We also talk about how the smartphone price hikes affect the review process at Gadgets 360. There is a lot to unpack here and we do our best to give you some context.

Then we talk about the Realme C11 on this episode as that is the latest smartphone to undergo thorough testing at our labs, which are our homes right now. The Realme C11 has the potential to be the best smartphone under Rs. 8,000 and there are some good features here for the price. The expectations from a sub-Rs. 8,000 smartphone have reduced quite a bit since many of the best phones in this price range have already shifted to higher price brackets. This is why we talk about the Realme C11 as a device that could bring some great features to this super affordable price point.

We talk about Realme C11 design, display, build quality, performance, software, battery life, and camera performance in the final segment of this episode, and we tell you whether you should buy the Realme C11. We also talk about availability issues around various smartphones in India and tell you how best to work around these issues.

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