HubShout Announces Exciting New Rebranding as Semify


Rochester, NY – July 17, 2020 – HubShout, LLC, a Rochester-based SEO reseller and white-label service, announces its corporate name change to Semify, LLC, effective July 17, 2020. After over 12 years in business, the digital marketing agency has embraced a new identity to reflect its commitment to shared growth and collaboration.

Now rebranded as Semify, LLC, the company’s new logo and philosophy, “Growing Together,” reflects the company’s relationship-driven and authentic customer service.

“Our agency partners tell us every day that they need our help to achieve their dreams,” says Matt Beaulieu, the Vice President of Business Development. “Semify seeks to provide them with opportunities and resources they couldn’t create on their own. We want to give them the freedom to be more by shaping a better tomorrow hand-in-hand with each agency.”


Since 2008, HubShout has made a difference for hundreds of small businesses by increasing leads and sales with strong, sincere partnerships. Customers can expect an honest and fun experience with HubShout they can’t get with other digital marketing agencies. The agency genuinely cares about its customers and helping their businesses grow.

As Semify, the agency will continue to provide customers with that sincere, personal touch they have come to expect but with a defined emphasis on connectivity, opportunity, and shared knowledge. Semify aims to provide its clients with the freedom and support they need to do more, have more, and be more.

The White Label Reseller Program


Semify was originally established as HubShout in 2008 by accomplished entrepreneurs Adam Stetzer, Ph.D., and Chad Hill with the mission to help growing businesses achieve their dreams. Five years later, that mission blossomed in the form of the agency’s white-label reseller program. The program, developed in 2013, gives marketing and web development firms the ability to provide all-in-one services for their customers without increasing overhead costs.

For many businesses struggling to compete against larger companies, the white-label reseller program changed the game. It takes time and money for a marketing firm to develop a successful SEO and PPC campaign for their customer’s unique needs. For smaller firms with fewer resources, it may take longer to deliver the results a customer is looking for. In that time, a firm may lose its customers to bigger companies who are capable of delivering the solutions they need more quickly.

Stetzer and Hill developed the white-label reseller program in an effort to give firms the ability to keep up with larger marketing companies. Under the white-label reseller program, a firm’s customers can see the solutions they need when they need them and firms can rest assured that they’ll retain their customers. With Semify, agencies can deliver quality results to their clients without breaking a sweat.


Since the program’s inception, Semify has taken on over 250 agencies. The reseller program has grown to include a local SEO reseller program and PPC reseller program, both of which are operated by an experienced team of analysts, developers, designers, marketing specialists, managers, and marketing writers.

Growing Culture, Growing Together

In 2018, Stetzer stepped up from the role of co-founder to CEO. The agency saw new heights in company culture, and the seed was planted to rebrand in an effort to reflect the company’s growing values and sense of purpose. HubShout’s prior mission statement no longer seems to fit the company’s why, but its what.

“The biggest reason cited in favor of changing [our company] name was that we no longer [felt] our company name matched our why,” says Stetzer. “As big followers of Simon Sinek, we think that everything we do and say needs to reinforce our why. We believe that this philosophy, in part, helped move our culture so significantly over the last year.”

The top priority of the agency has always been its company culture, which is just as collaborative and empowering as Semify’s relationships with its customers. For the last year, the company has hit a record-high score on its culture survey and the team is incredibly proud of this feat.


The company’s activities committee works hard to make sure that there are always activities and social events for employees to enjoy even while adhering to social distancing guidelines. From bowling to Netflix parties to video game nights online, the team makes sure that everyone feels connected and knows they belong even when they’re far apart.

In an effort to reflect that sense of community and collaboration, it’s only right to rebrand the business to reflect those growing ideals. While the company still believes in helping businesses achieve their dreams, Semify acknowledges that there’s more behind why we do what we do. The agency believes in not just helping businesses achieve their goals, but helping businesses enhance their goals for a stronger, more authentic connection.

The team is genuine and results-driven, and they’re willing to have difficult conversations with resellers to get their clients the results they want. In the agency’s multi-year push on customer service, Semify’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) is above 60 and the team is determined to reach “world-class” territory above 70. Company culture directly impacts a company’s ability to deliver great customer service, and it’s Semify’s honor to know that the team’s honesty and fun is reflected in the agency’s customer reports.

In 2020, Semify and its partners are positioned to thrive both in our results and our relationships. The agency’s dedication to new product development and ability to operate in a completely remote work environment gives Semify and its partners the ability to truly grow together during these uncertain times.

About Semify, LLC: Established in 2008, Semify, LLC (formerly known as HubShout, LLC) is a team of 30 enthusiastic and focused digital marketing professionals providing SEO and PPC services to hundreds of customers under its white-label reseller program. Semify’s digital marketing insights and cultural accomplishments have been featured in the Star Tribune, the Las Vegas Sun, the Rochester Business Journal, and other newspapers.

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