Social Distancing And Tennis Have Always Gone Together

Tennis has the concept of social distancing at its core. This type of sport is not a contact one like football or basketball. Tennis players are required to stand on opposite sides of the court as the game is played. For doubles (two per side) they must stand apart from each other to cover a larger portion of the court. This is the set-up tennis and it as always been so. Therefore, in this time of COVID-19, it would be a great game to pick up to get fit.

What Is Social Distancing

As a friendly reminder, social distancing is when people stand apart from each other to not spread COVID- 19. They should be two meters or six feet apart since bacteria can die out before it even reaches the next person. It is a safety measure to attempt to control the outbreak along with the use of masks and hand washing.

Why You Should Play Tennis

As stated tennis is not a contact sport. But, it still offers a full-body workout in this time of a virus floating around. Tennis players are required to stay on their feet and run around their side of the court to hit the ball back to score points and keep the match going.

Playing tennis can help you get fit as well as give you a social life. It is an easy sport to pick up and you can start with tennis lessons from people like Darrel Bielawski of Manhasset Tennis if you are nearby and have never played before. You would be doing a lot of running which is the best exercise for cardio and you would be working on your hand-eye coordination since you would be using the racket to hit the ball. Plus, this game is a lot of fun and you would be able to go at your own pace.

Social Life?

While tennis is not so much a team sport (unless you are playing doubles) you can still socialize while playing the game. The players would have some chit-chats before and after the match. Your opponent could even be talkative during the game. Playing tennis is a good way to meet a few people while keeping your distance and getting fit.

Size Of The Court

The full size of a tennis court is 23.77 meters or 78 feet long by 10.97meters or 36feet wide. However, you would only be using the full size of the court for doubles. Regarding single matches, 8. 23 meters or 27 feet of the width of the court is used. The sides become out of bond to make the court smaller.

Tennis Equipment

Regarding tennis equipment, the only things you would need are good running shoes and a racket. You can also get yourself a tube of tennis balls but if you are doing lessons then they should be provided.

In Closing

If you are looking for a game to play and still keep social distancing than tennis is the one for you. Why not play a round today?