Blackstone500 Review – What Makes it Better than Other Brokers?

All aspiring traders know one basic fact; they need to find a broker if they want to enter the trading world. There is no doubt that advancement in technology and the advent of the internet has brought about drastic changes in the market. But, you still need a broker, albeit an online one, if you wish to partake in online trading. Finding one doesn’t require any difficult tasks to be completed on your behalf; a simple Google search will present you with a list of options, but the real dilemma is exploring these choices to pick one that seems to be the best.

How can you make this decision? Most traders don’t know how to go about this process and they opt for a random brokerage. If you don’t do your homework, you could partner up with a shady broker or even a pure scam, which means that you will get nothing at the end of the day. After you put so much time, effort and money into this activity, you certainly don’t want that outcome. If you decide to sign up with Blackstone500, you will not have to concern yourself about any such problems or issues.

The brokerage has developed a very strong reputation in the market and is regarded as one of the top brokers that traders can choose. The question is what makes this broker different from the others? Here are some of the reasons Blackstone500 has managed to stand out in the crowd:

Reason 1: Blackstone500 has a long history and experience in the market

One of the most prominent warning signs of scam or shady brokerages is that they are relatively new in the market and don’t have much experience. They don’t have a track record or history you can check, but this doesn’t apply to Blackstone500 at all. The broker was formed by two brokers in 2008, which means it has been around for more than a decade. It may have started off as a forex broker, but it kept up with market trends and has become a great choice for modern brokers. Over the years, its exceptional service has allowed it to win numerous awards and recognition, which only add to its appeal.

Reason 2: Blackstone500 prioritizes its customers’ privacy and security

With the increasing number of scams and other cybercrimes in the market, traders have become extremely concerned because they have to share their personal information with a broker and trust them with their funds. Blackstone500 understands their concerns and has done its level best to address them to ensure they can trade with complete peace of mind. They do not share any personal information with third parties without the consent of their clients. Any information entered on the website is immediately encrypted to prevent outsiders from taking advantage.

The broker also maintains complete segregation of accounts to prevent all kinds of misappropriation with customer funds. In addition, Blackstone500 is also compliant with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy that ensures that only legitimate methods can be used for deposits and withdrawals. No third party accounts can be registered with the broker, preventing any illegal activities to occur on the platform.

Reason 3: Blackstone500 gives access to a wide array of trading instruments

Diversification is one of the most powerful strategies in trading because it can help traders in keeping their risks at a minimum and earning as much as possible. But, it is only possible if you have enough assets to invest in. Since Blackstone500 wishes to provide a great experience to its clients, it has added a wide array of trading instruments to help people achieve complete portfolio diversification. Whether you want to trade the most trending assets like ETFs or wish to invest in stable options like commodities, this broker is the best choice.

At Blackstone500, traders can invest their hard-earned money in trading shares, indices, commodities and forex currencies. Each of these categories comprise of some of the top options and allow you to earn as much profits as possible. As mentioned before, the broker has also included ETFs, which means you can trade almost any asset all through one broker.

Reason 4: Blackstone500 considers the needs of different traders

One of the most appealing things about Blackstone500 is that it hasn’t restricted its services to a specific type of trader. It doesn’t offer its services just for beginners or only for professionals. Instead, it has created a trading environment that can accommodate the needs of different traders, no matter how much skill or experience they have. This is evident through the trading plans it has created on its platform. There are a total of three options that traders will find when they decide to sign up with Blackstone500 and they are:

  • Standard: A minimum deposit of $250 is applicable here and the spreads start at 1.3 pips. A personal account manager, professional support and market news and information are available through this account.
  • Bold: The second trading plan offered by Blackstone500 can be opened with a deposit of $3,000 and the spreads here are 0.5 pips. A senior account analyst is provided along with instant trade execution.
  • VIP: The last trading plan that you can open with the broker asks for a minimum deposit of $12,000 and it offers the tightest spreads, starting at 0.1 pips. A chief analyst is provided, along with daily trading signals as well as a weekly trading session.

The broker has also made space on its platform for Muslim traders by giving the option of Islamic account for all three of its trading plans in accordance with Sharia law. There are no hidden fee or extra charges that traders need to worry about and no setup fee has to be paid.

Bottom Line

Excellent customer support, a huge number of trading tools and a powerful trading platform are some of the additional features that have helped Blackstone500 in achieving the popular status it enjoys in today’s market. You can sign up with them and start earning the profits you have dreamt of.

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Hafiz Sarmad