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Is the heat getting to you? Do you find yourself soaked in sweat all day long and resisting the temptation to switch on the air conditioner because of electricity bills? Blaux Portable AC can be your savior.

This is a portable air cooling system that has three power settings – high, medium, and low. If you want to crank up the cooling on an extra hot day, set it to high. If you want to save your electricity more, set it at low.

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The cooling device is portable which means that you can carry it from one room to another. It also does not require you to take out money on a regular basis for maintenance. Neither does it cost you any installation fees. In short, with the Blaux Portable AC you are able to save money as well as keep your room’s atmosphere cool and fresh.

Blaux Portable AC Review

It feels like we are sitting in a giant microwave oven these days – that’s how hot it is! Now you can always switch on your air conditioner but the problem is that electricity bills are touching the sky. Instead of investing in separate air conditioners for each room, having to worry about their maintenance costs, getting them installed at a high fees, consider purchasing a movable air cooling system.

The Blaux Portable AC can chill up the atmosphere in your room sufficiently. This is a powerful machine even though it is not that mighty in size. In fact, the machine is just the right size for you to be able to carry it from one room to another via it’s ergonomic handle. No pushing, picking or shoving required. With this device, you can save a lot of money compared to when you have separate air conditioners installed in each room.

But being budget friendly is not it’s only good quality. In fact, there are several other features of this machine that set it apart from other air coolers. Let’s take a look at the best features of this AC in the next section.

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What Makes Blaux Portable AC Worth Buying?

Blaux Portable AC is a stellar device that has no-noise technology, an advanced filtration system, and mood lightening system fitted. While most of the air coolers only cool the air in your room, this one filters the air as well. Moreover, other cooling systems make a lot of noise which makes them quite annoying and the atmosphere very unpleasant. This is not a problem with this particular machine.

Blaux air conditioner has no-noise technology which ensures that you can enjoy a pleasant environment when the split AC system is on. The appliance has a mood lightning system too, which ensures that there’s a faint glow in the room when it is otherwise dark. Below is a quick peek at these qualities so that you can understand the features of this machine better:

  • Air filtration system

The filters placed inside this machine ensure that all the air that is blown into the room is first purified of toxins, dust, leaves, and other particles in the air. This ensures that you breathe in only pure air. Therefore, the atmosphere is not only cool when the AC is on, in fact, it is also moist and clean. Along with filtering entering air, the machine also removes impure air from the room.

  • Mood lightning system

If you want, you can switch on the mood lightning system of this machine. When all the lights of the house are off, and this mood lightning system is switched on, there is a faint glow in the room which instills a romantic atmosphere. It also allows you to see in the dark without ruining your sleep or relaxation time.

  • No-noise technology

Whenever Blaux portable air conditioner works, it does so at less than 40 decibels. This ensures that it is not too loud so as to interrupt your work or peaceful hours. It can be very difficult to switch on an appliance that is excessively loud. In fact, many people even decide to suffer in the heat than tolerate unpleasant noise. This machine’s no-noise technology makes it different than other similar ones.

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How Does Blaux Portable AC Work?

The Blaux Portable AC is quite straightforward to handle. The problem with other air conditioning systems is that they have so many settings that they can actually boggle your mind rather than make things more convenient for you. This air cooling system has only three settings to optimize the coolness of the room.

You don’t have to assemble any parts or get this machine installed. It is a small plastic machine with some metal fittings. As you take it out of the box, it can be immediately used. All you have to do is pour fresh water in the tank. Next, adjust the filter curtain, and finally switch on the machine by choosing your preferred fan settings. That’s all you have to do.

Cleaning And Charging

To clean this machine, you only need to use a disinfectant and a cloth. You don’t need to send it out or bring someone in to maintain it annually. The only thing to keep in mind is that the adjustable filter curtain of the machine is durable but doesn’t last more than eight months. After this time, you will have to replace it.

One more thing to know – the Blaux Portable AC is chargeable which means that you do not need to plug or unplug any cable. The LED ring on the AC will alert you when charging is required and when the appliance has fully charged.

Where to Buy Blaux AC and How Much Does It Cost?

Blaux Portable AC is available for purchase only on the official website. It is not available on Amazon, Walmart, and other local and online stores. Single AC unit costs only $89. If you buy in bulk, price will go down to as low as $50 per unit. For consumer protection, interested folks should only buy from the official website –

Final Verdict

Blaux Portable AC is an impressive machine for cooling up your room and filtering the air as well. The split air cooling system works efficiently at three different fan settings. It is a budget friendly solution to having separate air conditioners installed in each room. It also has several other great features such as a mood lightning system, no-noise technology, chargeability, etc.

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