What educational apps or websites can be necessary for students?

The education sector has seen several platforms and applications that take student learning to another level. It is arguably true that there are lots of applications and websites already in existence to enhance student learning. Some of these apps have made it easier for students to access various materials at their comfort. The year started with many advancements, and newer applications are flooding online platforms. But it is also good to understand that with the influx of these applications and websites, not all of them will provide your student with the desired needs. Sometimes we need to be selective to land on platforms that suit our learning needs. In this article, we shall discuss some websites or applications that are suitable for your students. These tools range from student response systems to multimedia resources. Most of them are easily accessible, new, and free. Let have a look at the best apps for students recommended by writerformypaper.com experts:

  • Wakelet

Wakelet is a powerful educational tool that will help teachers bookmark relevant materials on a visited web. The item to be bookmarked can either be a blog, article, or any other content essential for learning progress. Usually, the tool is powerful in a range of areas starting from newsletters, digital portfolios, and storytelling, among others.

  • GooseChase

This is another powerful application, as well as a site that boasts unique innovativeness. Usually, the application entails the creation of digital scavenger hunts. It can be a quickly and easily accessed on Google Play or iOS. It has several templates that enable instructors to develop their scavenger hunt that’s integrated into any curriculum.

  • Educandy

You’ve been seeking a great site that will enable you to develop educational games without ease? Go no further because here is your destination. With Educandy, teachers only need to pose their questions, and the application automatically creates a game. Mostly, students play online using the Educandy app.

  • Walnut

Walnut is one of the newest sites, which is excellent is searching for educational videos. An application of Walnut has also been developed to support the same. Additionally, Walnut takes queries to assess learning. Teachers and instructors can, therefore, find an easy way that can help them through assessments and enable them to understand different instructions.

  • Knoword

Another essential learning tool is Knoword. It’s a vocabulary game that entails an education-based portal where teachers can formulate their word lists and, at the same time, track learners’ progress.

  • Mobile Permissions

It’s also another new education tool where teachers can send permission slips to parents via mobile devices. In turn, parents sign and submit payment electronically as teachers or instructors monitor everything from their portal.

  • DOGOnews

Reading assignments are all incorporated in a single authoritative site called DOGOnews. Ever thought of having access to grade K-8 assignments that can be integrated into a Google classroom? Think of DOGOnews. With these sites, expect to access excellent assessments and additional speech and language features.

  • VideoClass

Videos that are education-oriented can be found here just in the comfort of your classroom or house. It is a powerful platform for teachers and learners where subjects like English, Physics, Maths, among others, can be learned. With this tool, teachers can also upload their educational videos to enhance student learning.

We’ll also highlight others that hold essential features for equipping your learners with knowledge and skills. They include Parlay, Match Attax, among other programming apps such as a loop.


There are many applications developed, both free and premium ones. All you need is to choose them to attain the best out of them carefully.

Charles Brown