Signs You Need a Garage Door Opener Repair

Has your garage door been acting up lately? Stop giving yourself a hard time doing DIY repairs and call for professional help. When it comes to minor or major garage door problems, a basic fix is never enough. Unless you hire the pros, you can expect structure issues to reoccur. What’s even worse is that the repair cost can blow up if you keep neglecting the warning signs.  

To protect your investment and save money, consult with a trusted garage door company near you. Professionals are trained and experienced in handling all kinds of garage doors and in fixing various structure issues. They can perform their job fast and accurate—all while maintaining safety and order in your commercial or residential property.

One of the common causes of a malfunctioning garage door is an opener problem. A garage door opener is a motorized device that lowers and pulls the door open; it usually comes with a remote control feature. Considering the major functions of a garage door opener, maintaining its quality condition should be a top priority. Check out these five signs your garage door opener might be in trouble.

Slow movement

If you find your garage door moving slower than usual when closing or opening it, most of the time, you can fault it to your door opener. If the device is worn-out, it can start having trouble lifting the door. This creates a safety concern since the problem can escalate to a detaching door that freefalls to the floor. 

Increased noise

You can tell whether or not your garage door is in good working condition just by the sound it makes when you operate it. A loud door motor is a clear indication of wear and tear damage and must be inspected by a licensed garage door technician right away. Refusing to call a repair service will cause the creaking, squeaking, or clanking sound to get louder and more disturbing. 


Door won’t open

If your garage door refuses to move when you try to open it, there can only be two possible causes. It could be a simple remote problem which can be solved by changing the batteries. If not, it surely has something to do with your garage door opener. Sometimes, you can still hear the door motor running without seeing any movement on your garage door. Before the garage door opener problem gets worse, call in the garage door professionals right away.

Door reverses or stops half-way on its way down

Have you experienced closing your door, but it reverses immediately after touching the floor? If yes, that indicates a close-limit switch problem and requires some adjustments on the door opener motor. If your garage door does not open completely, this, too, is a switch problem requiring professional inspection or repair. The latter can also be the cause of damaged rollers that need to be replaced.

Old motor

Doing an age-check on your garage door motor is one way to determine whether you’ll be needing a replacement soon. Old motors that may seem in good condition can break down anytime causing you great trouble. A garage door opener motor usually stops working smoothly once it reaches ten years. Call a professional contractor to inspect your garage door motor and to advise you when it’s time to get a repair or replacement.

Upgrading your garage door opener

Do you need a garage door opener repair? Selecting the right garage door service is a very important step in getting your opener device back to its proper working condition. DIY repairs fail 99% of the time, or even if you succeed, issues will inevitably reoccur in a short period of time. If you want to save money in the long run, leave the garage door opener repair to the hands of experts. Most garage door companies place a no-cost guarantee on their services and products, which means you get compensated once defects show after days or weeks of repair. Make a call to your trusted local garage door company today, and get professional consultations and estimates!

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