PMP Training Guide in 2020

The PMP or Project Management Professional examination is one of the toughest and hardest to prepare examinations out there. It would take months worth of effort and also several levels of degree and qualifications to even attend the exam and the amount of content and materials it takes for you to even grasp onto its concepts would also be tedious. Whether in 2020 or a year from now, you can always make use with some tips and guides into your exam preparation with pmp training regardless of you being a student or working somewhere.

PMP Requirements

Here are some of the very basic requirements the PMP examination needs and assure that you have met all these criteria before applying for the exam.

  • A 4-year degree certificate along with 3-years working experience on projects and along with those a minimum of 4500 hours of project management experience.
  • If not a 4-year degree you can always go with a secondary degree but you need to have 5 years’ worth of experience having a minimum of 7500 hours of project management experience.
  • 35 hours of contact classes on project management education.

The Training Guide

Here are some of the stuff you would find appealing to follow through while undergoing preparation for your PMP certification. Just keep these in mind while studying.

  • Review:

Your prep and guide book and all the materials should be selected out carefully and the main points and topics should be highlighted so that you can go through all of it quickly. Take all the time available as there is none to waste. Arrange your materials considerably and make notes on all the charts and graphs available to learn.

  • Research:

Do your research and make sure to go that extra mile to gain access to all the information you could possibly collect on this examination. Make sure to check out all the procedures and also to be informed about the correct methods and materials to be taken out here. This helps you stay sharp and efficient by knowing points from any angle as you may need. Read all the material that comes your way and try to see possibilities in them while making use of your time wisely.

  • Breaks:

Since this test contains a long prep time it can be quite easy for you to be caught up in the vast areas you may have to cover. Remember to drink plenty of water to replenish your water requirements. Spending too much time cooped up in a single place or in front of a screen adversely affects your eyes, and hence don’t forget to take a walk around for a while or just lie down and takes a nap.

  • Health:

Along with staying stress-free you also need to have a healthy lifestyle along with it. Eat healthily and do not let fast food or junk food make you fall sick. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and it is imminent you stay sharp.

  • Flashcards:

Make sure that you write down all your important points and information out on small flashcards so you can look them up at times as small clues. It helps for when you want a quick recap into your material. You can also download ecards that could be gone through on your laptop or computer quite easily if you are too lazy to write stuff down.

Steps to Get Certified

  • Go to their official site and apply for the test.
  • After 5 days pay the fees according to your membership.
  • Submit your audit documents containing your 35 hours course certificate, academic certificate, and your experience verification forms within 90 days for a random audit if you are selected for it.
  • At the Pearson Vue Website schedule your exam.
  • After your application has been approved, take your exam within 1-year.
  • After you have passed you will receive your certification within 6-8 weeks.

These are all just an overview of the things you may want to take care of if you are aspiring to take the examination. For further details into each of these, you can always find more information in the official website or along with the instruction you receive. For the time being, do what you can about this outline.

Bottom Line

Applying for a PMP exam is quite rewarding if you know your stuff correctly and have the basic eligibility all met and ready. Even though it takes a long time to prepare the benefits that come along with the certification can be really beneficial. Some of you may not be having such a lot of time on their hands to study for this due to various reasons, but still try to make it to the exam within the 1-year you have after application and if you try hard enough, the results shall indeed show. Good luck on acing your exam!

Charles Brown