What Is the Actual Cost of Developing a Website?

What is the thought behind placing a quote for a website? I am sure the customers don’t know about this but the funny part is even who is sending the quote at times does not have any reasoning behind the same. If that was not the case, how come a customer who sends his requirement to 4 different web developers, gets 4 entirely different quotes ranging from $500 to $15,000?

If you question the ones placing high price, they have a “Quality” rebuttal which is ambiguous. Do they believe the ones offering lower quotes are going to offer poor quality? You can also request a free quote to https://www.preventivo-sito-internet.it

Ok, now let’s do a deep dive and find out what it takes to build a website for a small business. It could be a photographer who wants to put his portfolio online. It could be of a doctor who wants his appointment booking process to be made online via his website. It could be a plumber who wants to highlight his contact details for people to call him. Nevertheless, I believe no small business owner is looking to get built the next Facebook.com or google.com.

Finding the price of a website

The costs of each company websites are not similar as there are different purposes for each company. As for e-commerce, it cost more than a basic and corporate website to create a website. The cost of an e-commerce website differs from a basic or business website in that it has an order management system, a delivery system, etc. This website also has feedback features that are not common on any other website such as the basic and corporate website. And the total cost of creating an e-commerce website costs around € 3000, which also includes domain, design and other expenses.

There requirements will be more or less the following:

  1. They want a decent looking website which offers easy navigation to users
  2. They want to display their galleries/portfolio/services/offerings
  3. They want the a responsive site. It adjusts according to the device it is opened on keeping in line with modern trend of increasing smart phone usage.
  4. They want their contact details to be displayed in a crystal clear manner so that people can reach them easily.
  5. They want their social media widgets to be placed on the website
  6. They want someone to update the website at a reasonable cost whenever they need to do any changes.

Is it too much to ask? Absolutely a big NO.

Here’s how much time it’s going to take to do all that stuff. I am sure many web designers and developers would hate me to reveal this but it is true. With all the modern technologies available, the above mentioned tasks would not take more than 10 hours of designing and coding for an average web developer.

Now, let’s imagine the developer charges $20 an hour. This means the website development should not be more than $200. Then why do they ask for $500 or $1000 or $5000 for the same thing. I guess, it’s all a game of charging for the technical know-how. Since the small business owner does not understand anything about technologies, it’s easy for the developers to portray things as “rocket science” and inflate the number of man hours required to complete the tasks.

What should a business owner do?

Once you decide to build a website, register the domain via GoDaddy or any other registrar (the more popular the better) and then register a hosting. It’s pretty easy stuff and does not need any technical know-how. It’s time now to go and do window shopping for economical options for getting the website developed. A little bit of Googling and you will find a list of companies who are not going to put a hole in your pocket for building your website because for a small business owner every single penny counts.

Charles Brown