Is Covid-19 Creating a Psychological Pandemic As Well?

It’s been days since you left the house, you’re locked inside the house and you’re slowly running out of things to do. What will you do now?

Coronavirus has taken over the world by storm. Declared as a ‘pandemic’ by WHO, the virus has confined millions of people around the world to their houses. The lockdowns were initially meant to last for just 15 days and now it has been months with no end in sight yet. People around the world have panicked, worried, feared, and are now just lost about what is or will happen.

Psychological Impact

Psychologists suggest that confinement over 10 days can lead to psychological issues. It’s been a month since the lockdown started, and with constant news of the virus victims and increasing death rate, people are clueless about what will happen next.

Isolation might bring out the worst

Everyone needs and wants some time to themselves and isolation might be a good idea for a limited amount of time. However, confinement for longer times can lead to serious mental health issues. Not everyone has a safe home; quarantine could be especially disastrous for people in abusive households. It can also aggravate the condition of individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, etc. already.

Quarantine plans have an end too

Human beings don’t do well with being locked in against their will. You might have made or are making a list of things and hobbies you want to pursue during the quarantine. However, as important as they are, they are also limited. There come days when we are unable to focus on anything and those lazy days make us realize that we are stuck, no matter how much we wish to deny it, there’s no escaping this lockdown.

We can paint, design, write, cook, or bake all we want, but how many days can we keep the plans going. AT&T internet service provides high-speed internet of up to 1gigs so you can stream all your favorite shows effortlessly and play games online, but there will come a time you’ll get bored of this too.

The mind goes into overthinking drive

Unfortunately, if you’re an over-thinker, you might have a harder time explaining to your mind that things will get better. Your mind will pick out every little instance that can go wrong and how life will never be able to come back to normal. Overthinking drive will not only tire your mind out, but it can also affect your overall well-being, and much worse, your relationships with people around you.

It can affect your relationships

Space is a crucial need for the human mind to function properly. Being confined in closed houses with your significant other or your loved ones may sound amazing, but being together for such a long amount of time without any breaks can have a great impact on relationships. Additionally, it can be life-threatening for those in a loveless or abusive relationship.

The ever-growing fear of the virus

When the quarantine started, we all thought it would end soon. But, with an end nowhere in sight, the fear of the virus is constantly growing. People fear for themselves, their families, friends, jobs, business, the economy, and much more. The spread of false news regarding coronavirus and its possible remedies, Infomedics, is another major element that is panicking everyone.

The increasing fear results in irrational steps like panic buying and hoarding, mass hysteria, etc. It can also lead to severe anxiety and stress. Many people have also complained about having insomnia due to constant stress on their minds.

Irregular schedules

Apart from panicking about the situation, the un-ending quarantine has disrupted regular routines enormously. The irregular work and sleeping schedules also have a direct impact on the physical and mental health of individuals and can cause a great effect on human minds.

Things You Can Do To Feel Sane and Stay Sane

The COVID-19 has apparently brought life to a halt. Celebrations are canceled, plans are postponed, and hangouts are not even an option. You miss seeing your loved ones, you miss going out and feeling the breeze of the spring air. You miss being around people. Your routine is a mess. You are sad and lonely. However, isn’t this a great time to realize and reflect on the true gifts of life?

These are testing times, but who said you are going to fail? Humans are the easiest-to adjust species, we can adapt to any environment and that is what we exactly need to do in the current situation. Don’t wait for corona to be over, life is in the now!

Maintain good hygiene: Primarily, you should always maintain good hygiene. The key to feeling active is staying fresh. Just because you are at home, doesn’t mean you should remain in rags; take shower daily, try new hairstyles, wear your favorite clothes, and if you feel like, video call your closed ones and brighten up their day with your fresh self as well.

Watch good content: We know you must have already watched a lot of movies and seasons, but we bet there are still some movies that can take your mind off the entire situation and give you a good laugh. Plus, don’t limit yourself to just movies. You can always watch some educational content, documentaries, or cooking shows. So program DirecTV remote and kick off boredom.

Set up a working environment: As fun as taking classes while you’re half asleep might be, you know it’s doing you no good. Set up a small, nice space for your classes or work. That will not only put you in the right mood to carry out your duties but will also help you feel productive.

Plan activities: We did mention that quarantine activities cannot keep you occupied forever, but they still can consume a good time of your social distancing. It’s been 2 months, and we bet you still have a few activities pending probably because of your irregular schedule, which also brings us to our next point.

Fix your schedule: Your sleeping, working, studying patterns have a huge impact on your life. Fix your schedule, make a routine that you may enjoy, and try to follow that. It will help put many things in place.

Put social media to good use: In times of social distancing, we are all very socially connected to each other. Don’t let the physical distance become a barrier, reach out to your long-lost friends and your near and dear ones, gather all your family on Zoom calls and arrange an online gathering. Reminiscing old times is a lot of fun. Tip: Do not reach out to your ex, but maybe to your next.

Turn off the news: While it’s good to be aware of the circumstances, you mostly know all that you need to be aware of. There’s no need to be constantly overwhelming your mind and heart with the same news over and over again. Limiting your exposure to news will help you think about the world besides Covid-19.

Let things be: Covid-19 is out of your control. No matter how much you think about it, there isn’t much that you can do to limit or stop it. Play your part and leave the rest. Stay home, no matter how much you feel the quarantine taking a toll on your mind, now is not a good time to be wandering around. However, take a stroll in your street if it helps you feel relaxed, but stay cautious.

Seek Help: If you think your mind is unable to comprehend the current situation, or if you feel you’re in an abusive household, know that psychological helplines are readily available. Seek help, especially if you already suffer from anxiety and depression in normal days, and don’t let anyone tell you that all of this may be in your head.

We are in a pandemic and whatever you might be feeling is justified. Remember, there is no harm in reaching out for professional help or talking to your closed ones about what may be bothering you; sharing is not a sign of weakness but strength. Your mind also needs downtime sometimes.

Take Away!

There is no denying the staggering effects of coronavirus on mental health, but the human will is strong enough to fight both the physical and mental aspects of the virus. Don’t let the fear or indecisiveness cloud your mind or judgment. Even if you might not be able to see it right now, there is an end to this. Nothing lasts forever, this won’t either. Your positive thinking can help you reach heights unknown to your own self.

The situation may not be ideal right now, but maybe bringing life to a pause can actually help us re-assemble ourselves. This is an amazing opportunity to reflect and rebuild yourself. To pick up habits you couldn’t due to your busy schedules. To assess your relationships, and take steps you could not before.

Hang in there, this too shall pass!

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