Universal Markets Review – is Umarketspro.net a Recommended Trading Platform?

The trading industry is teeming with all sorts of people from all over the world, this is because people are looking for new ways to make more money. Daily jobs no longer seem to cover expenses enough and after bills, there is barely enough to save and still have a good time. The financial market seem to efficiently take care of this problem as many people are making profits from trading market.

The best part about the financial market is that it has a variety of assets a trader can decide to trade with, a trader has options and more opportunities to make profits. It has become the new trend and more and more are throwing caution to the wind and giving it their best shot. The best part is that it allows you to go on with your day job while still making you money.

To fully succeed in the financial market, brokers are a must-have. Every successful trader out there has a good broker on their side, that is simply the fact. A trader who refuses to hire a broker to help him/her trade will have no one but himself/herself to blame in the long run when the losses don’t stop.

Technology has made it even easier to get a broker to help manage your trades this days, this is because a simple search online and a lot of online brokers are at your services offering you enticing bonuses and features to convince you to pick them. But bonuses are not everything and like someone once said, when something is offered for free, then you are the product.

Before making a choice on which online broker to trade with, there are important characteristics to look out for in an online broker. These features help ensure a trader make profits on their trades as they provide a smooth trading experience. Some of these online brokers are fraudsters and are simply there to rip you off and leave you high and dry.

This is why it is important to check out reviews of online brokers before signing up with them as it gives you an overview of what to expect with this trading platforms. Umarketspro.net (“Universal Markets”) is one of those online brokers and we would be reviewing the platform in details in this article.

What We Know About Umarketspro.net

Umarketspro.net came into the trading market in 2017 so I think we can call it relatively new; it was developed in Belize by an organization called Maxi services. It was introduced in order to give traders more options with their trading platforms. This online broker came equipped with various tools and resources put in place for traders who are looking for a productive platform to trade.

This online broker claims to cater to over a million traders cut across the globe, it provide testimonials from traders who have used the platform and eventually cashed out big from the trading market. There are also reviews online about traders who gave it a trial and made huge amount of profit from this site, although it is important to note that these reviews cannot be confirmed.

A reliable broker guarantees a good payout and Umarketspro.net comes with big promises of huge profits and minimal losses. This site is said to be a regulated firm as unregulated firms are considered a danger in the trading market, it is regulated by the IFSC in Belize where their headquarters can be found. This site also includes an address of their headquarter, phone numbers and an email address you can use to contact the firm directly.

Being an online trader, it eliminates the difficulty with reaching your broker of choice quickly as this trading platform can easily be reached on their website. They also have different account which accommodates the various financial status and needs of traders who would like to make use of this trading platform. Its various resources are tools are unlocked at different accounts and help to not only make profits for users but also educate them to become better traders.

Striking Features of Umarketspro.net

To choose an online broker, there are some important features that are important and needs to check out before choosing such platform. These features defer from broker to broker but generally, the feature of an online trading platform is what defines how trading will take place on such platforms.

Customer Service Support

This is one of the strong points of Universal Markets because their customer service department can be considered first rate. Right from the first page of the website, before a trader registers on the site, a customer care agent is available for a live chat in case a trader has important questions they would like to answer before signing up on the website. This is amazing as it helps clear whatever doubt a trader might harbor about registering on the site.

Also, their customer service support is available at all hours of the day for a trader to communicate with. These customer service agents are well trained and knowledgeable about trading and as such, are fully prepared to answer whatever question the trader might have and help them have a smooth trading experience.

Apart from the live trading, this trading platform also makes available various methods of reaching out to them including an address a trader can visit in person. Also, an email address is provided which a trader can forward a complaint to and be addressed in due time. A trader on the platform can also choose to call their provided customer care lines and speak directly to a customer care against if he/she so chooses.

First-rate Security Protocol

An important feature which a trader considers before choosing an online broker to trade with is their security protocol, this is because a trader needs to be assured that their funds would be safe with the platform before choosing to invest with them. An unsecure platform is a sinking boat for both the developer and the traders who choose to trade with such platforms.

Umarketspro.net promises a top-notch security for funds deposited by every trader on its platform, every data provided on this site is encrypted with SSL protocol, and this makes data on the platform practically useless for any hacker who is able to get through all the security wall put in place.

The site also has a verification process to confirm the information provided by the traders on the platform. After registration, a verification mail is forwarded to the email address provided upon registration and a trader has to click on the confirmation link before taken to a page where they can create a password to protect their account on the platform.

The payment gateways on the site are also secure and protected by the SSL Security protocol so that every information provided by the trader during deposit is safe from hackers. All these security protocols are in place simply to assure the trader that nothing can go wrong when they choose to trade with Umarketspro.net.

For traders who are wary about trading on platforms that are unregulated, they can be rest assured when they decide to trade with Umarketspro. This is because this site is fully regulated by IFSC and so are completely in check so as to avoid being deregulated, and is fully registered. The trading platform is also affiliated with HSBC which is one of the top banks of Europe, be rest assured that your funds are safe.

Variety of Trading Assets

For traders that would like to trade with Universal Markets, they are provided with a variety of assets that they can trade with. Unlike many trading platforms in the financial market that only deals with one trading asset which is mostly cryptocurrencies or forex, traders with Umarketspro has an advantage of having options to choose from.

This trading platform allows traders to trade with CFS which are about nine, over a 100 equity assets can also be traded with by traders on this platform. There is also the option of trading with cryptocurrencies, forex or stock. There is also a high number of indices available on the platform for traders to trade with.

This excellent variety of trading asset give users many trading opportunities cut across diverse trading markets. The traders on this platform also has access to an analysis section that allows traders to view the value these assets have in the financial market.

Charges and Fees

Fees on Umarketspro varies according to the asset being traded with, the site doesn’t charge for trading on the platform but there is a small commission which the broker takes for profits made while trading with cryptocurrencies and CFD. Forex and metal CFDs are completely free to trade with on the platform and do not require a commission being paid to the broker.

Also, there are no extra charges attached to making deposits on this platform. Withdrawals on the other hand, attracts a small charge which depends on the amount being withdrawn. These charges are not hidden and are completely included in the terms and condition which a trader has to agree to when registering on the site, this is to foster transparency by the platform to traders.

Account Types

This platform offers various accounts which depends on the choice and financial need of each trader, this is very different from many other trading platform that offers one type of account to trade with irrespective of the financial status and need of the trader.

This accounts require different deposits and each unlocks a different feature when activated, there are also a number of bonuses attached to each account. The customer care service is available for all the types of account and no matter the account chosen by the trader, the goal remains maximizing profits for the trader concerned.

Easy Accessibility

This site was designed with the purpose of providing traders with a trading platform they could easily access at any time, Universal Markets achieves this purpose by providing a user-friendly platform. This platform has a simple and pretty basic interface, it is made available both on desktops and mobile phones and can be opened by any working browser.

The website is compatible with all types of operating systems and is embedded with trading tools every trader on the platform is bound to enjoy. Among these tools is a tool created to help traders check the financial market for different opportunities in the market, this tool is called Autochartist and was put in place to give traders on the platform an upgraded trading atmosphere.

Vast Educational Resources

The Universal Markets trading platform provides its users with access to various educational tools that can enhance their trading experience, these educational resources are put in place to ensure that both beginners in trading and experts successfully garner knowledge on the platform. Financial analysts available on the platform issue important notes daily on the platform, this is to keep traders up to date on the ever fluctuating market trends.

These commentaries gives traders a short summary on the market progress and how it can affect the various assets they trade with in the financial market. There is also a calendar put in place by the company that shows a summary of profits that would be made and this calendar is very important to index and equity traders.

The site also makes public an economic calendar which gives a summary of reports on how every asset is performing in the financial market, there are also a high number of lessons put in place to assist newbies in the trading market gain a firm foothold by learning more about the various market trends and how to detect trading opportunities. There are also videos that aptly describes the way the financial market goes and how to use the trends to your advantage, most of the resources are free while others are limited to respective clients.


There are various benefits one can get by opening an account with Umarketspro.net, these bonuses were put in place to lure traders to the site and the offers all look pretty good. The trading platform offers a bonus for referrals , the referrer gets 15% of deposit made by the person referred. This is a creative way to get traders interested in registering and bringing their friends aboard as not many online broker offer this.

Also, newly registered traders get the offer to open a demo account for two weeks, this account is changed to a live trading account once the two weeks elapses and the best part of this bonus is that all profits made on the demo account is remitted to the account of the trader at the end of two weeks.

There is also the feature of a 100% insurance on a particular trade which means a trade falls through, the amount traded with is returned to the account of the trader. This amount doesn’t return as the trader’s deposited amount though, but as a bonus from the trading platform. There are still a number of bonuses attached to registering on this platform, it is nevertheless advised that traders check out the rules attached to these benefits before accepting them to avoid confusion later.

Account Types Offered by Umarketspro.net

Opening an account with this trading platform is easy, straightforward and secure. Traders are required to present a valid id, proof of residency which could be a bank statement or a utility bill. This verification processes are put in place to protect every trader from fraudsters looking to infiltrate the platform, a few questions are asked and once the platform finds your answers satisfactory, you will be asked to choose from their array of account types.

Demo Account

This is an account type popular amongst various trading platform, it was put in place for beginners in the trading market and traders who are wary when trying out a new trading platform. This account allows trader to make trades without making a deposit, a trader uses this account to get acquainted with the trading platform before moving on to the live trading room.

The demo account is created to look exactly like a live trading room, it follows trends and data previously gathered in order to educate the traders efficiently on how the market goes. The profits and losses made on this account do not affect the deposit of the trader in any way as the deposit of the trader was not involved in trading in the first instance.

Although the case is different on the demo-real account promotional available on the platform that allows a trader open an account that is half real and so, every profit made on the platform is forwarded to the trader’s account once the two weeks end. A trader can switch from the demo account to a live trading account whenever he/she feels ready to take the risks that comes with live trading.

Mini Account

The mini account is available to traders at a minimum of $500, this account is for traders who are just beginning their trading experiences, the account does not unlock many features which the trading platform offers. A mini account owner has access to only a few of the educational tools available on the platform, to unlock more features, a trader has to upgrade to the standard account

Standard Account

A standard account owner has access to most of the features and benefits that come with the trading platform. To unlock this account, a trader needs to make a deposit of $5000. This account come with the Autochartist tool and an alert on every trading order carried out on this account, the trader also gets access to more educational resources than the mini account owner.

The Fibonacci Calculator for Forex traders and the Pivot Point Calculator is also available to traders on this account. To unlock all the features of the Umarketspro.net platform, a trader needs to upgrade to the Gold and Platinum account.

Gold and Platinum Account

This accounts were created for professional traders who aren’t scared to take high risks in the trading market. The Gold and platinum account are available at $10000 and $35000 respectively and they offer basically the same features. All the features are unlocked for this account and these traders get VIP customer support when needed, traders with this account also get daily alerts on trades carried out.

A personal trades manager is also attached to these accounts and these specialist daily advise and present trading opportunities available on exclusive trading markets for the traders. Also, gold and platinum account holders have access to live training sessions and webinars made available on the platforms. More bonuses and insurance are offered to traders who hold this accounts, these traders have the best of everything the trading platform offers.

Islamic Account

This account is available on request and is a very thoughtful idea from the developers of this trading platform, this account is for traders who still want to adhere to various sharia laws and religion requirements while trading in the financial market. It comes equipped with every feature the platform has to offer, so traders on this account are not missing out on anything.

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals on Umarketspro.net

Deposits are fairly easy and do not attract charges of any kind, traders are presented with different payment gateways to make their deposits and these gateways are visa, MasterCard and Neteller. This gateways are secure as every data exchanged on the platform are encrypted with SSL protocol

Withdrawals on the other hand are also easy to make, a trader only has to make a request for withdrawals and the request is processed within 24 hours of being made. Also, there are charges attached to withdrawals and these charges all depend on the amount being withdrawn. It is safe and follows the same process available for deposit, a trader can also request for a wire transfer during withdrawal.


Trading is risky business generally, anyone not willing to take risks has no business trading in the financial market. These trades can go anyway and all depends on market trends and the ability to recognize trading opportunities when they pop up in the market. This is what Umarketspro.net offers traders on its platform.

The brokers on the site are trading specialist with ample experience on their side, they are recognized and are put in place to give you a smooth experience in the trading platform. No broker can promise 100% positive outcome on trades but this online broker promises to help you make the best out of your trading journey.

Charles Brown