We asked, you told us: Camera flashes are basically now just flashlights

Night mode on our smartphone cameras has gotten so good over the years.

How good?!

Night mode on our smartphone cameras has gotten so good over the years, that people are very rarely using their camera flash for taking photos. We asked you last week on the websiteTwitter, and YouTube to tell us what you use your camera flash for. Nearly 20,000 Android Authority fans voted, and the results are very clear.


The majority of voters (61.27%) said they only use their camera flash as a flashlight, completely foregoing its use for nighttime shots. 31.45% of voters said they use their camera flash for taking photos and for the flashlight feature, while just 2.37% of people(470 votes) only use it as a camera flash.

Maybe we should stop referring to these as camera flashes and start calling them flashlights.

The results shouldn’t be too surprising here. Jokes aside, night mode really is the biggest boon to low-light photography we’ve ever seen in the smartphone landscape. Using night mode in lieu of a physical camera flash does make a huge difference.

See Campaign: https://www.androidauthority.com/camera-flash-flashlight-poll-1123053/
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