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Storage in the garage keeps your garage much cleaner and could help you extend your life. Follow this DIY Garage Organising Guide to get rid of clutter and keep a safe and clean garage. Organisational experts estimate that only 30 per cent of us park our cars in our garages.


These garage ideas help you get rid of everything you don’t need and store it in a safe and clean garage. The organization of your garage does not mean that you have to use every wall for storage, you can only use one wall and create the space you need to store practically everything.

A metal cabinet and shelf are a good start, but you can add items that need a permanent home. Plastic cups that can be picked up in 1 / 3 ” ‘are a great way to organize tools and other items. Label your shopping baskets with labels such as “Tools” and “Basket” or “Tote Bag” with a label for each item in your shopping cart.

If you have lots of bicycles, garden tools or other large items in your garage, you can organize them all by simply hanging them on the wall. These hooks are relatively easy to install, even if we have concrete walls, and can be used to keep the garage messy – free.

Using this wall space is a great way to keep things orderly and still have space to park. If you have little or no space to park your car, it helps to tidy up and organize.

You can hang baskets and small containers on hooks to put away small objects or hang up whirlboards that are really cheap in this way. You can create more space and hang up a whirlboard (which is really cheap).

If you have a small piece of furniture that you want to hang this way, an inexpensive wall organizer is a good choice. From adding a splash of color to brighten up a boring garage, we have just a few tips for making your garage so organized and clean that you want to clean the area and brag about it when you’re done.

You can pick up your tools from the ground and make them a little more organized, or you can build your own tool rack with a few pieces of wood and a little glue. All you need is a few screws, some glue and only cut-outs for the slots for your tool racks.

If you have a blank wall in your garage, you can put it up simply by hanging something on the wall or by working on adding shelves. You can also clean the garage space with some paint and a few pieces of wood to just add something to the walls.

If carpentry is not your strong suit, there are a number of ready-made garage shelves that you can use to get started right away, especially when it comes to ideas for garage wall shelves. If you really want to get creative, you can create shelves that stack on top of each other, like this one above.

It takes up most of the space in your garage, but you can reclaim a portion of that space, as is our current mudroom, by adding a garage cube for each family member right outside the door.

One of the best ways to organize your garage is to store everything in plastic containers. Keep all your car care needs together in the garage on designated shelves, as well as any other items you may need for car care.

This image below is ideal for storage of many different garages – related items, and it is a convenient way to put together all the DIY tips and tricks for garage storage listed above. Use any of the above – listed DIY tips or tricks for storage in garages, or put them together in other convenient ways.

These cabinets are really not that difficult to install, and you can save a virtual fortune with them. This could be a great option if you don’t have the time to do your own DIY project.

Depending on the size and number of cabinets, you can store everything in it so that your garage always looks clean. You can buy pre-built cabinets and then just hang them on the wall, or you can buy them off the wall. These cabinets are great for storing and keeping things clean, but if you have a tight space behind the garage door, this space can be used much more efficiently.

If you want to save space, as I am, this is one of the best places to store things on the ceiling. You can easily create a sliding storage system that hangs from the ceiling, saving wall and floor space for other things. A few shelves and a hanging system give you space for your bicycles, which hang directly on the wall and save you space.




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