Kurix Health launches COVID-19 test for European Households and Doctors

As Coronavirus spreads across Europe, Kurix Health launches COVID-19 test based on real-time PCR for European individuals and healthcare professionals, for only €129 (£113) at no profit to Kurix Health and below existing commercial solutions.

Kurix Health announced today the launch of its COVID-19 test, based on real-time PCR, for the European and global market. With a capacity of 5,000 tests per day, Kurix Health uses a diagnostic test based on real-time PCR. The tests are performed in partner European labs, which are authorized to perform such tests, and in full compliance with GDPR regulations.

The test is available at €129 (£113) at no profit to Kurix Health

Kurix Health combines the best technology in COVID-19 screening with a simple and intuitive user experience. The testing experience includes:

  • 2 day free premium shipping in Europe and the UK;
  • free return label included for premium medical shipping;
  • nasopharyngeal swab sample collection kit;
  • secure, digital results;
  • turnaround time: 2 days;

Tests can be pre-ordered through the Kurix Health website.

The test is not available in Canada and the United States.

About Kurix Health Laboratories

Kurix Health Laboratories is an international biotech startup, with offices in the United States and Europe. Kurix Health brings molecular testing technologies to the public. 

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Contact Information:
Michael Joss
Phone: 917.304.3240
Email: info@kurixhealth.com?

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Contact Information:

Michael Joss
Phone: 917.304.3240
Email: info@kurixhealth.com?