Stone Veneer Offers Cost-Effective Way to Enhance Curb Appeal



When it comes to enhancing a home’s exterior aesthetic, it’s important for homeowners to choose renovation projects that provide the most bang for the buck. Recently, Remodeling Magazine ranked the top-performing home remodeling options based on cost and value. Outranking all others was manufactured stone veneer, which provides a cost-effective way to elevate the look of a home.


In its report, Remodeling Magazine compared the average cost of nearly two dozen home improvement projects to their resale value. Ultimately, the trade magazine found that manufactured stone veneer allowed homeowners to recoup the most money, topping the list across numerous real estate markets.


According to Travis McCain at GenStone, stone veneer provides a beautiful, intelligent way for homeowners to elevate curb appeal.


“Stone veneer gives a home a much more sophisticated look while adding actual property value,” said Travis. “According to this recent report, homeowners have been able to recoup up to 96% of the cost of installing stone veneer. In some parts of the country, such as the Mountain and Pacific regions, homeowners were even able to recoup 100% to 120% of the initial cost at sale, essentially offsetting the entire initial cost. Best of all, these days it’s possible for homeowners to bypass the contractor and leverage do-it-yourself-friendly stone veneer home improvement products.”


Whether homeowners hire a professional or install it themselves, faux stone is an ideal replacement for uninspired siding, because it adds visual appeal and enhanced architectural interest. Exterior stone products are relatively lightweight and easy to install. This allows homeowners to enjoy the benefits of stone veneer without having to make complicated or expensive alterations to the existing exterior.


Stone veneer comes in diverse varieties, including limestone, granite, and sandstone. It’s also available in dozens of cuts, colors, and styles. In addition to installing stone veneer sidings, homeowners have the option of enhancing targeted areas of their homes. For instance, if a home has columns or other architectural elements, stone veneer can help highlight these areas. Since stone columns have been used in construction for millennia, the right veneer can give a home some old-world charm without the high cost.


Stone veneer can also be used to cover drab, exposed foundations. Apart from improving aesthetics, this option is an intelligent decision from a structural standpoint. When installed properly, stone veneer delivers added R-value to the foundation, while providing an additional barrier against water and harsh weather elements. GenStone can be installed below grade so it can cover even the unexposed parts of the foundation.


Stone veneer is also surprisingly durable, making it a perfect material to weave within your existing landscaping. Homeowners can also add retaining walls and new patios utilizing the same stone finish to create a unified look that instantly enhances curb appeal.


Stone veneer can also make a world of difference when it comes time to sell a home. According to Travis, the siding leaves homeowners well-positioned to demand more for their properties.


“Stone veneer adds instant curb appeal at a fraction of the cost of real stone,” said Travis. “Enhanced curb appeal means sellers can elevate their asking prices. This is especially important if they own a home that sits in a neighborhood amid better-looking properties. At the same time, stone veneer can help a home stand out amid similar real estate inventory in the area.”


Whether they hope to one day sell their homes for an optimal profit or live in them for decades to come, more and more homeowners are relying on stone veneer as a practical, cost-effective way to elevate a property’s exterior aesthetic. If Remodeling Magazine’s report is any indication, this trend is likely to continue for years to come.


About GenStone
GenStone specializes in making the beauty of stone easy with its faux stone system designed to deliver a true do-it-yourself-friendly stone veneer product. Originally introduced nearly two decades ago, their panelized system has become a mainstay in the home improvement market, as contractors and DIY homeowners search for authentic-looking rock, stone, and brick for around half the cost of traditional masonry work. Available in durable exterior and Class-A fire-rated interior collections, the GenStone concept has quickly spread throughout the U.S. and Canada as the most popular alternative to cast and natural stone.


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