Top Five Reasons To use professional Stylist – Hair, Nails, Eyelash services

Many of us only think about going to a salon or beauty bar when it’s time for a haircut or color touch up and who doesn’t love a trip to the salon? But there are so many more reasons to take a few hours of self-care time and get yourself to a salon. The top reason being that you deserve to be spoiled! The opportunity to relax and get pampered, even if only for a little while. Here are five more reasons to take some “you time” and indulge at your favorite salon or beauty bar.


The best part about going for a cut or color is walking out with salon fresh hair which many of us struggle to recreate at home. Blowouts are a great way to get that salon fresh look in between cuts. Additionally, it’s a perfect self-care moment to have your hair washed with beautiful products and have your scalp massaged while you relax with a beverage in hand. If all you can carve out is an hour of time for yourself this week, get booked in for a blowout.


Some people are religious about getting their nails done. Acrylics, polish, the works. These folks know the joy a good mani pedi can bring. For those who don’t have a weekly visit to the nail salon booked in advance, you may be missing out. Even if long, polished nails aren’t your style, a trip to the nail salon can be an incredibly relaxing experience because who doesn’t love a foot or hand massage? Following that up with an exfoliation, some shaping, and a clean-up of the nail beds can make you feel like a whole new person!


If you have been a slave to the tweezers all these years, you might want to reconsider. While it may seem like something simple, having your brows tended to by a professional can be a quick way to refresh your whole look.  Whether it’s tinting to match new hair color, waxing to shape, or lamination to tame unruly brows a good brow treatement can boost your confidence by working with what nature gave you.


Whether your makeup style is to be picture perfect at any given moment, minimalistic, or au natural it’s always fun to get glamed up from time to time. A makeup application by salon professionals is a sure-fire way to accentuate your natural beauty when you want to look your best for a special event, or just because. And when you look your best, you feel your best.


When you are hard-pressed to find some time for self-care, it can be hard to look and feel like your best self. If you haven’t given any thought to eyelash maintenance, this might just be something to consider. Eyelash services like tinting, lifting, and extensions can add a little polish to your look which is great for those who don’t have time for or those who don’t want to apply makeup each morning.


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Adam Ali