Zippy Pet Ball Reviews – Does This Smart Interactive Pet Toy Work for Dogs?

Is your dog or cat restless? If so, what kind of toy would keep him occupied for long periods of time? If you answered yes, this article is for you. Pets, as we all know, require mental and physical stimulation. Pets love to play, but they also require regular physical activity to stay healthy.

The Zippy Pet Ball is here to fill that void. With interactive toys, your dog must use his intellect to figure out a strategy for escaping whatever predicament it finds itself in.

Do you know what a Zippy Pet ball is?

Toys like this one keep pets engaged and entertained for a long period of time. A great way to keep your pet active and entertained at the same time is to use this toy.

A unique bounce system in the Zippy Pet ball allows it to travel long distances when thrown, but not so far as to make it difficult for your pet to catch. As a result, even the most ferocious chewers will be unable to rip it apart, and larger pets will not be able to pick it up or rip it apart with their teeth.

With the Zippy Pet ball, your pet can play by himself without fear of hurting himself, or he can play fetch with the toy and bring it back. Pets with anxiety, separation anxiety, or fear of loud noises can have a great time while being physically active with this activity.

Who is Zippy Pet ball for?

When it comes to playing with their pets, pet owners know that a Zippy Pet Ball is a necessity. It’s ideal for cats and dogs of all sizes, and it’s also great for puppies learning to play fetch and interact with their toys for the first time.

The standard size of the Zippy Pet ball makes it suitable for pets of all shapes and sizes.

What are the features of Zippy Pet balls?

Effortless Layout

The design of the ball allows for easy sizing adjustments due to the fact that it can be inflated and deflated. Playtime with your pet will be more fun with this toy because it’s durable, bouncy, and soft.

Multi-Movement Capability

The toy’s movement feature responds to your pet’s actions. A bite or scratch will cause the toy to bounce or roll back and continue moving. As your pet tries to figure out how to make the toy move, he’ll be kept busy and entertained.

Vibration-free Bounce

Your pet won’t be scared or startled by the bounce system, as it is completely silent. You can use it with pets that are easily scared.

Prominent Positioning

The glow-in-the-dark feature of the toy makes it ideal for use at night. Aside from being easy to see in the daylight, the bright color makes it ideal for use both outside and inside the home.

Design for Portability and Lightweightness

The Zippy Pet ball is light and portable, making it perfect for road trips, strolls, and hikes. As a result, it can be easily transported in a standard-sized backpack.

Reaction-Intelligent Technology

You can tell when your pet has had enough fun with this toy thanks to its Intelligent Reaction Technology. Because of this, the toy will deflate and stop moving when your pet gets tired. As a result, your pet will not become overexcited or overworked.

The Auto-Sleep Setting

So that your pet can rest peacefully at night, the ball will automatically turn off when your pet has finished playing. In this way, you can rest assured that your pet is getting the rest they need.

Intuitive Operation

It only takes a few simple steps to activate the toy. When not in use, you can deflate it and put it away.


It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try it out and see if your pet likes it before deciding to buy it. It’s also possible that he won’t, in which case you can return it.

Automatic Laughter-Inducing Function

If your pet becomes bored with the toy’s automatic fun feature, you don’t have to worry about him losing interest.

Battery that lasts a long time

When fully charged, the battery can last for up to eight hours, making it convenient.

Pet-Friendly Substances

You don’t have to worry about your pet hurting himself if he tries to bite too hard on the toy. The ridges on the top and bottom make it easy for your pet’s teeth to grab onto it when you’re playing.

In what ways can Zippy Pets be used?

Touching the Zippy Pet ball activates it, making it a cinch to use. A simple nudge is all it takes to activate the ball, so your pet doesn’t have to put in much effort.

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Pros of Zippy Pet Ball: 

  • It Keeps Your Pet Engaged and Excited.
  • A better quality of life for the pet
  • Batteries that last a long time
  • Bounce system that does not make any noise
  • Design that makes it simple to store and transport.
  • Complimentary resources
  • Reduces pets’ fear of being left alone.

Negative aspects of the Zippy Pet ball:

  • It’s possible that larger pets would find it uncomfortable to play with.
  • Only three colors are available.

Zippy Pet Ball: How Do You Play?

Some of our favorite Zippy Pet Ball games are listed below.

Using your Zippy Pet ball, you can play one of the most well-known games of all time: Fetch. To engage your pet in play, simply toss the toy as far as possible and watch them chase it.

Use the Zippy Pet Ball as a hide-and-seek toy for your pet. After hiding it, let him loose to search for it. Hours of fun await you both with this game.

Battle of the Sexes (Tug of War) – Do you and your pet want to see who is the strongest? This game is ideal for testing your pet’s physical abilities. Just tie one end of the toy to a sturdy object and let your pet pull as hard as he can until one of you comes out victorious.

With your Zippy Pet Ball, you can play a variety of fun games. Having a good time with your pets is a great way to spend time with your family.

Pricing of Zippy Pet ball

Zippy Pet ball costs between $30 and $50 depending on the package you choose at checkout.

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Discounts and Special Offers

At the moment, there is a 60 percent off holiday offer running. There are various offers throughout the year. For about ten dollars more, you can add on an additional level of protection and replacement.


Is this toy unbreakable?

Your dog’s rough play will have no effect on the toy’s construction. In spite of the fact that the material used to make it is strong and soft, it is not indestructible.

Is it possible to bring a Zippy Pet ball into the house?

You certainly can. The toy can be used both indoors and outdoors without causing your pet any discomfort.

Is there a return and warranty policy?

For a period of 30 days after purchase, you may return the item and receive a refund if you are not satisfied with it.

The Zippy Pet ball requires a charge, but how long does that take?

It takes about two hours for your ball to recharge completely. Playing with your pet all day is possible with this device’s eight-hour battery life.

Cost of delivery?

The cost of shipping varies according to where you live. On their website, you can find out more.

My order has been placed, but I’d like to cancel it.

Once your order has been placed, you can easily cancel it by calling customer service. The only exception to this is if your item has already been shipped or delivered. A refund is still possible even if the 30-day period has passed.

How long does it take for packages to arrive?

The average delivery time for standard shipping is between 14 and 21 days.

Yes, but is it worth the money?

Toys like the Zippy Pet ball keep your dog active and entertained while also stimulating his brain. As a result of its thoughtful design, it’s ideal for easing your pet’s separation anxiety. It also features Intelligent Reaction Technology, which can tell when your pet is done playing.

After a period of inactivity, the toy will automatically switch to sleep mode and cease movement. As a result, your pet will not become overexcited or overworked. Your pet’s mouth and feet will not be hurt if he bites too hard on the toy, which is made of soft material. The ridges on the top and bottom make it easy for your pet’s teeth to grab onto it when you’re playing. It’s worth the money.

Ownership of a pet can be challenging, especially when it isn’t possible for you to spend the entire day with your furry friend. However, you’ll want to make sure they stay in shape, and the Zippy Pet Ball is the perfect tool for that. While you’re out and about, they won’t be bored. Zippy Pet Ball is a must for pet owners who want to keep their pets active and healthy.

You can now purchase Zippy Pet Balls for your beloved pets!


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