Laminated glass: features and advantages

Choosing new glazing is quite an important and painstaking task. The main requirements are easy care, safety and high durability. Laminated glass is one of the most popular options. You can get top-notch laminated glass at the best price at

Features of VSG glass

Laminated glass is a composition of several sheets which are bound together by high-temperature processing or vacuum lamination. The connecting layer is a special film. If the product is made by pouring method, a polymer film is used. This layer performs the function of a shock absorber, which provides strength, and also retains fragments and components in the event of damage. It is this feature that distinguishes laminated glass from ordinary glass.

Due to the treatment with additional chemical components, the sheets are much more resistant to abrasion and scratches.

Among the undoubted advantages of the material it is possible to note:

  • high rates of impact resistance, as the glass can withstand multiple mechanical impacts, while remaining intact;
  • durability, because the laminated glass is not subject to fading and scratches;
  • availability of a special polymer film between glasses does not let ultraviolet rays through;
  • excellent performance of heat and sound insulation.

In addition, laminated glass can be endowed with a variety of additional features. These may include the presence of a fire-resistant layer, energy-saving and tinted layers. It is also possible to apply a colored or mirror coating or to form a certain curvature.

Characteristics of application

Structures made of laminated glass have a fairly wide range of uses. It can be double-glazed windows for apartments, cottages and offices. The glass can be used both for exterior decoration (e.g. terrace decoration) and interior design (decorative elements, space zoning, etc.). Laminated glass will be especially relevant for the arrangement of children’s and educational institutions. Firstly, such constructions are as reliable as possible and secondly, in case of damage, children will not get hurt.

Also, glazing with laminated glass will be suitable for buildings where there is a high probability of burglary. This can be banking companies or warehouses. It is worth noting that laminated glass sheets are actively used to create showcases. Due to this, the goods are protected not only from potential intruders, but also from burnout.

Glass of several sheets perfectly withstands the load, and therefore can be used to create stairs, shelves and other functional items.

To summarize, it is worth noting that laminated glass is a multi-purpose material. With proper use and installation, it will last for many years.

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