Axel Manes – Youngest Chef Awarded with Michelin Award

Axel Manes, the youngest chef in Paris Saint Germain, was awarded with the youngest chef of Europe award by MasterChef – The Professionals magazine, the world’s first cooking show. According to the magazine, he is 28. The Michelin Star is one of the most coveted awards. The award is given to outstanding chefs in their first five years as a chef, or a third of their career. In 2016, eleven restaurants were awarded the award including first timers and ones with multiple stars. Axel Manes is one of the youngest chefs to be awarded with this award and he says it is an amazing opportunity. He credits his grandmother with his love of cooking. His grandmother has inspired him to take his passion to the next level and try his hand at cooking.

“I never had the opportunity to learn to cook from my mother as she is a nurse, so my grandma has been the foundation and the reason I love cooking. I’ve been blessed to travel with my grandmother and know that there is no job that comes close to cooking and making people happy,” says Manes.

“Michelin deserves all the credit. We are very thankful, for the recognition in our country and among people around the world. The stress was very high, but we were lucky enough to be well prepared for it. The start of the year was filled with preparation, too. This gives you a lot of energy and confidence,” said Profil Axel Manes in Viadeo, as quoted by the Luxembourger Wort newspaper. 

His Career as A Chef

Manes will be pursuing further studies to further his career as a chef. His chef-side ambition is to create restaurants that allow their diners to be pampered, taste amazing food, and make them feel the same way they did after eating at his grandmother’s restaurant. The award has already helped give Manes a platform to express himself and his cooking. After working through tough challenges and high-pressure situations in the kitchen he was unsure of how his first Michelin star would be received.

“When I received the award, it took me by surprise and honestly, I was even more excited to know that I was going to get so much attention. I’ve come so far and it feels so good to know I’ve been recognized for it.”


Manes told Fox News:

“The goal for me is to be one of the top 10 best chefs in the world. I’m learning new techniques in the kitchen every day. I’m constantly testing new combinations. My aim is to open a restaurant in the future.”

Russia and France’s love affair with the Golden Apricot hasn’t waned. The first British Michelin Guide was released in 1985, when more than half of the places it features are located in the former Soviet Union. The reason is the dizzying pace of invention, the mastery of traditional dishes, and the appealing simplicity of the food itself.

Appearance in Gastronomy Guide

Local chef Axel Manes was not only the youngest chef in Paris to be awarded with the Michelin Star when awarded the Michelin Young Chef Award but Manes has also been honored for his hard work by being chosen as the Gastronomy Tourism Ambassador for Northland. Gastronomy Tourism is a holistic economic and social opportunity designed to integrate the tourism and hospitality industries into the economy, while contributing to cultural and environmental conservation of the Northland environment and the Hauraki Gulf. Axel Manes in the gastronomic guide proves him to be a professional and passionate chef. Last year a record 65 restaurants achieved a Michelin Star, which is four more than the previous year. 

Axel Manes once said,

“Top chefs are looking beyond the realm of gastronomy, and are dedicating themselves to managing diverse and nuanced businesses. One can now almost see the spread of a new middle class, with all their assorted preferences, including specific and often exotic diets, inspired by over-the-top ingredients and unique culinary training. Many chefs are doing what they love for a living and enjoying the benefits. Others do what they do for the mere fact that the payouts are much better.

It may well be that the world’s tastiest cities will always remain in Paris, but only time will tell.”


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