ZERO FEE CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. BigCommerce® Aims to Help E-commerce Merchants Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees with Integration to Elavon’s® Converge Payment Gateway.

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San Francisco, CA. December 29, 2021 – ZERO FEE CARD PAYMENTS recently announced that BigCommerce® customers located in the USA can now take advantage of Elavon’s new Credit Card Cost Control solution, also known as C4, which allows merchants to add a surcharge compliantly and seamlessly to credit card transactions, which can save merchants tens of thousands of dollars in processing costs per year associated with accepting credit card payments.

Merchants have costs to accept credit card transactions that are determined by their processor which are inclusive of the card-brands Interchange fees, which vary depending upon the card type, the way the credit card is processed and the pricing schedule the Merchant Service Provider implements.” Merchants have been saddled to pay exorbitant fees to accept credit cards for decades and they’re frustrated with how high the interchange rates and fees from the card brands have risen over the last decade, “said industry payments veteran Keith Pollins.


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C4: Credit Card Cost Control is designed to meet the needs of any merchant who has brand loyal customers who are willing to pay a small surcharge when using credit cards. Surcharging covers the merchants’ cost related to accepting and processing a credit card transaction, which enables businesses to manage their cash flow and costs every day. If the cardholder enters a credit card, the Converge Payment Gateway adds a surcharge fee, which is a percentage of the sales price, and a single transaction is processed. Cardholder’s can change the payment type to a debit card or e-Check when offered if they want to avoid paying the surcharge fee.




Companies like Shopify charge 2.90% + .30 cents per transaction for their “Basic” plan which can have a net effective rate of over 4.15% with an average ticket of $25.00. If a merchant uses Shopify, but they choose to use an external payment-gateway Shopify charges an additional 2.00% which makes the effective rate 6.15% of the sale amount. Shopify Plus for Enterprise merchants charges an additional .15%, so a merchant processing $25M annually would incur $37,500 in excessive fees just for using a payment gateway and merchant account of their choice. Shopify claims they have additional PCI related costs, so they can justify the excessive & unreasonable fee. Shopify generates over 72% of their overall revenue from payment processing, so even though they claim their ecommerce platform is their focus, but clearly payment processing and charging inordinate fees is their objective. Big Commerce is the best-in-class Open SaaS ecommerce platform and clearly the best overall choice for a flexible, robust, cost-effective ecommerce solution.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was introduced to protect merchants from unfair billing practices. The amendment, named after U.S. Senator Richard J. Durbin and introduced in 2010, proposed to restrict high interchange fees. Adding excessive fees on top of interchange costs is a questionable billing practice & merchants should scrutinize their merchant processing agreement.

Big Commerce doesn’t charge any additional fees for using any of the 55 plus pre-integrated payment gateway’s and when Merchant’s add a surcharge in Elavon’s Converge gateway, they can offset and potentially eliminate most of their credit card processing fees. Zero Fee Card Payments can setup a merchant account with a cost-plus pricing schedule and implement Elavon’s C4 solution for merchant’s using Big Commerce, which could potentially save them thousands of dollars per year.

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