Kyle Lorber: Why Branding Is Important for Real Estate

Kyle Lorber says that branding is crucial for real estate.

A good brand sets you apart from others and creates a distinct identity. Realtors should take branding as a top priority, according to Kyle Lorber.


Create brand awareness about your real estate by designing a unique logo. Your logo shouldn’t be like many others, but it must capture your vision and what you stand for. You need to hire an expert logo designer who’ll consider the logo’s shape, color, font, and imagery to make your branding distinct.


Inject freshness into your brand.  A well-designed brand creates a personality that people can only associate with your business. Every time your existing or potential customers see your brand logo, it evokes particular feelings. It could be feelings of trust, dependability, or affordability. Think of Amazon and Apple.


Kyle Lorber Why Branding Is Important for Real Estate


Build customer loyalty through branding. According to Kyle Lorber, real estate agents can boost customer loyalty if they do their branding through an expert. Super branding says to your customers you’re always there to serve them. It empathizes with them. As a result, it creates a loyal fan base.


Establish credibility. Can people trust you with their investments and properties? It’s easy to create credibility if you’ve got testimonials on your website. You can show your success stories and benefits to new customers through proper branding.


Build excitement about your real estate business. As a realtor, you want to create some hype about your brand. If you can sustain the excitement through your branding, you can create a sense of exclusivity. As a result, you can make your new customers believe that your services are one of a kind.


Kyle Lorber adds that you need a great tagline and images to create a frenzy about your real estate business. Every promotional material needs to have your logo to help your customers differentiate your business from the rest.


Stay ahead of your rivals in real estate. The real estate business has attracted hundreds of investors. To stand out from other companies, you can use branding as the solution. Branding should always go with your brand strategy. And this is where you need an expert to develop a branding strategy unique to your real estate business.


Show your professionalism. No one wants to deal with a business that looks like a fly-by-night company. Consumers want to see professionalism in every aspect of your business, explains Kyle Lorber. Proper branding can be handy in this case.


Kyle Lorber is a social media and digital marketing consultant graduate with a B.F.A. in Arts Management from Long Island University in Jamaica. As an expert in real estate, he was responsible for implementing digital marketing strategies for a top New York real estate firm.