How Leak Diverters Can Save You Money

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Leaky roofs or leaky pipes are one of the worst things that can happen when you are not prepared for them. Water can rain down into your premises or onto your products, soaking everything underneath and disrupting your production.  With winter already upon us,  there is an enhanced risk of leaky roofs. Rather than be caught unprepared, you can invest in a leak diverter kit. 

What is a leak diverter kit?

Leak diverter kits are a simple tool for catching leaks and diverting the water safely to a container away from any products, office supplies or anything else that may get damaged. Hang the funnel tarp under the leak, connect one side of the hose in the middle of the funnel tarp and the other to the lid of the container provided, which will collect the water from the leak. A leak diverter is an easy way to handle any leak until you can get it properly fixed. 

How does it save you money?

First, the most obvious thing that a leak diverter does is to simply divert water to a safe container and away without stopping work. This means you can continue work as usual while waiting for a more permanent fix to your leak. You won’t have to hold up production. 

Secondly, this will protect any expensive machinery, products, supplies, etc. that may be affected by water leaking on them, saving you money on repairing or having to completely buy new things that have been damaged from the water.

Lastly, because of leaking water a hazardous situation can occur and the risk of slips and falls is increased. If someone falls and gets hurt because of the water on the floor this affects the company’s morale as well as its reputation, and can mean a pay-out to the hurt person. 

Types of leak diverter kits

All leak diverter kits are pretty standard. They all come with a tarp, hose and a container for the water. The main differences are the sizes.

First, you will have to consider the size of the tarp. Is it for a small leak or do you need it to encompass a larger area? When speaking about the tarp there is another choice to be made and that is colour. If you need something that will blend in and will not draw too much attention, then a white tarp will probably suit your needs best. On the other hand, if you need the leak to be more visible and to draw attention so people will be mindful of it, then you can choose a different colour type – most often that will be a yellow one.

The size of the hose is also important. One of the points of the diverter kits is that you can place the water-collecting container somewhere that it will not be in the way and can perhaps be out of sight, as well. Depending on how far from the leak the container will be, you may need a longer hose.

Lastly, the container itself comes in different sizes. As long as you check on it regularly so it does not overflow you can get away with a smaller one. But if the leak is more persistent and more water seems to be coming at once, then a bigger container may be more suitable.

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