The Shambala Secret Review: Can You Manifest Your Dreams?

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Do you want to manifest your dreams? Do you want to know about the Shambala Secret? How can the Shambala Secret help you achieve your desired goals?

In this Shambala Secret review, you will find all the answers to the above questions. By using the Shambala Secret, you can achieve your desired goals. Many manifestation programs are available in the market, but they do not show results as per expectations.

The Shambala Secret program will teach you some effective ways of doing meditation to renew your subconscious thinking. The program’s creator, David Chandler, states that it will help users reduce pain, hard times, negativity and bring happiness, abundance, and relaxation in their lives.

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So, the program is mainly for people who want to restructure their life. I am sharing this review after conducting various researches on the Shambala Secret.

Read the Shambala Secret review till the end to know more about the program, like its techniques, benefits, price, and much more.

What Exactly Is The Shambala Secret All About?

The Shambala Secret is a program that attracts abundance where you can come out from stressful life, financial instability, workload, difficulties, and disturbing relationships.

The program will help users renew their lives by using some effective meditation tricks, and you will get what you want in life, like a stress-free life, prosperity, joy, financial stability, strong relationship, and manifest what you dream in your life.

The Shambala Secret contains audio tracks you have to listen to for 22 minutes consecutively for nine days. These audios help you to renew your brain thinking and thinking patterns. You will go under a deep mediation state that gives you the ability to manifest whatever you want in life and remove negativity from your mind.

The program includes powerful tracks which open up your close energies and improve your connection with your soul. It removes all blockages that stop you from achieving your desired goals and boosts brainpower to renew thought using 3D sound.

Additionally, the program also claims that it bring wealth with the help of using the Ancient Tibetan Wealth Secret program. It includes Gamma frequency that directly hits the subconscious part of the brain and can remain focused.

Who Is The Creator Of The Shambala Secret?

The creator of The Shambala Secret is David Chandler. The methods used in the program are scientifically proven and are effective in boosting up your subconscious mind that attracts money, happiness, love, and peace in your life.

The program is a secret of welcoming what you want in your life easier by meditation. David learned these ways from a lady named Aria on his trip to Antarctica. After long research and study, he designed an audio track containing sounds to awaken your subconscious mind.

How Does The Shambala Secret Work?

The Shambala Secret is a program that helps restructure the brain conductor and interact with the subconscious. The program includes meditation audio, a mixture of many powerful sounds like bells, chants, etc. The powerful sound waves help you to attract money, health, happiness, and much more.

You can manifest in the right manner, escape darkness from your life, and your mind will be able to remove all blockages that stop you from gaining success in life. The program will transform life by renewing your mind.

The subconscious plays a great role in your life as it diverts your feelings, thinking and helps in making decisions. When your mind has a good mindset, you will feel positive and motivated to live your dreams in reality.

So, the Shambala Secret program will change your subconscious mind to attract whatever you desire in your life.

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What Includes In The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret program will teach you how to convert fear and negativity into positivity and abundance. You have to listen to the audio track regularly for nine days to feel changes in your life.

A positive mind keeps you away from negativity mindset. The audio will focus on three main principles vital to shaping your life are as follow:

  • Your mind attention to attained dreams
  • The mind free of negative energies
  • The subconscious mind attract your desired goals

After listening to the audio, you will go through these three stages:

1st Stage (Induction)

In this stage, you will be able to shift your conscious mind to your subconscious mind. The stage includes 3D sound effects and Gamma brain waves that open up your subconscious.

2nd Stage (Subversion)

The mediation is great for your subconscious mind and removes all negativity, fear, and regrets from your mind, and gives the ability to attract abundance. This stage will also unblock your chakra points and allow the positive energy to move properly.

3rd Stage( Reawakening)

The stage includes short audio meditation that changes your mind from subconscious to conscious mind. In this stage, you will experience high frequency that will improve your thinking ability and give you the self-confidence to live your life fear-free.

Bonuses Of The Shambala Secret

The program also comes with three free bonuses are as follow:

The Healing Wind

The bonus includes 11 minutes of audio to keep your mind, body, and soul relaxed and stress-free. You can hear the audio when you feel down and sad.

The Sleeping Ocean

The audio includes a refreshing frequency that you can hear before sleeping to have a better sleep. The audio gives you energy and keeps you active the whole day.

The Golden Sunrise

This is the shortest audio, duration of just 5 minutes to give you positive vibes.

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About Using

The Shambala Secret is a user-friendly program. The most important point is, if you believe in meditation, you will reach the highest stage. You need to listen to 22-minutes audio for nine days.

Listen to the audio before going to bed. The creator claims that you will start noticing results in five days, and you will start getting the good news regarding wealth, happiness, a strong relationship, stress-free life, and much more.

The audio program will refresh your subconscious conductor in your brain.

Why The Shambala Secret Is Unique From Other Manifestation Programs?

Many manifestation programs available in the market are designed by fake experts, including fake information and methods.

However, the Shambala Secret includes information and methods proven scientifically and contains Tibetan techniques of ancient times to rewire the unconscious mind. Most programs take a long time to show results, like one month or three months, but this program will show you remarkable outcomes in just nine days, and you will feel the change in your life.

Additionally, the program gives you a 100% 365-day cash back guarantee, so you can claim a refund if it doesn’t work.

So it is a risk-free program where you can invest without any worry. Buy it now from its official website!

Benefits Of The Shambala Secret

  • It helps you to attract relaxation and peace in your life.
  • You will welcome unlimited abundance and prosperity.
  • It interacts with your subconscious and gives you the power to manifest your dreams.
  • You will be able to live life happily and find your soul mate.
  • You will be able to become rich and enjoy whatever you want.
  • It will improve your mood and behavior.
  • You will be able to maintain your relations with friends, family, and office workers.
  • It helps you to overcome your financial crises.

Pros And Cons Of The Shambala Secret


User-Friendly Program:

This is not a complicated program. It just includes 22-minutes audio you have to listen to for nine days. It doesn’t include reading or video.

So, it is an effortless program and needs no such focus.

Communicate With The Subconscious Mind 

Almost 95% of thinking comes from the subconscious mind. A subconscious mind starts communicating with the frequency when you listen to audio and renew it.

Therefore, your mind will be able to think out of the box and welcome positive thinking.

Online Program 

It includes no book or video you have to watch or read. The program consists of audio that you can download easily and can use anywhere and anytime as per your comfort.

Effective Bonuses And Cashback Guarantee 

The program comes with three bonuses you can use to make your life better and have positive vibes. Furthermore, the program comes with a 100% 365-day cash back guarantee along with a refund policy.

Instant Outcomes

You need to listen to 22-minutes of audio any time, and you will start noticing results in just nine days.

Balances Chakra Points

This audio track designed in such a way that it balances your chakra centers and allow energy to flow easily throughout the body.

Less Time Consuming 

It just takes 22 minutes per day to manifest your desires.


Only Based On Audio Tracks

The program is interesting for people who love listening to music, but people who love reading or watching videos will not like the program.

Need Time To Have Results 

The program needs your 100% commitment because you need to use it regularly for nine days and listen to audio with focus.

The program needs hard work and time to show results. If you feel lazy, leave the program incomplete, don’t listen to audio, you will face failure.

So, the program is for people who seriously want to change their life situation. It is not suitable for people who want the result in one day and without making any effort.

Not Suitable For Everyone

As I mentioned above, the Shambala Secret only includes audio that is not enough for everyone, as everyone has different conditions and demands.

Some people notice results instantly, some take time, and some don’t see any changes. So, results vary from person to person. You will get a result if you use this program with dedication and hard work.

Available Only On The Official Website  

The program is available online, and you can order it from its official website only. It is not available on any other website or online store like Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc.

Access the program from its official website to avoid falling into scams.

About Pricing

The Shambala Secret is a good and effective program that works for many people worldwide. You can access the program for just $39 and get free bonuses and a 1-year money-back guarantee.

So what are you waiting for? Try it now!

Customers Reviews About The Shambala Secret

Here are customer’s reviews about the program I gather from various platforms:

  • The program is a great manifestation program and can achieve whatever you desire.
  • The program enables you to live life happily without any stress.
  • The program will replace your fears and difficulties with confidence and success.
  • The program boosts up your energy and will improve your mood.
  • The program is easy to use and also gives amazing results.
  • The program is affordable, less time-consuming, and user-friendly.
  • The program is risk-free as it comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.


To achieve your desired results, you have to work and give your time.

It only includes an audio track without any video.

Is It Scam Or Legit?

The Shambala Secret is a 100% legit program as it includes proven methods from ancient times.

It is a great manifestation program that will connect you deeply with the universe and give you the power to convert your dreams into reality.

The result may differ for all, and it helps people to remove negativity from their lives. The program also keeps you away from sadness and low energy. Many people get positive results from the program and share their happy reviews on the official website.

As you go deeper into this program, you will receive more effective results, which you have never experienced before in your life. It will change your life completely.

The program includes powerful frequencies that renew your mind and refresh all thoughts, feelings, and emotions. If you are surrounded by past failures and feeling low, you will get active and strong. It will give you the power to fight your worries and channel your energy to manifest your wishes.

So, if you want the program that changes your life, this program is best, and you should try it.

The Shambala Secret Review- The Final Words

The Shambala Secret program includes a meditation method used by experts, and it works to rewire your mind instantly. In just nine days, you will start noticing positivity and happiness around you and enjoy your life according to your wishes. You need to give yourself 22 minutes per day to transform your life.

You will be able to connect deeply with your soul and gain relaxation, good sleep, and abundance. It will bring you out from the darkness and hard times.

It will improve your mental health and boost your physical health as your mind controls all body parts. You will feel energetic and able to achieve your goals safely and without any risk.

The program also includes a money-back guarantee, so your investment in this program is completely safe.

Life gives you a chance once, so avail it, and don’t miss it!

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