Denver Dining Scene Coming To an Outdoors Near You

Thinking of moving to Central Park Denver (formerly Stapleton), but are unsure if it’s allowed to dine out? Central Park offers the perfect mix of entertainment, recreation, and dining, set within a dense suburban feel. There are ample choices for you to have a great time while bonding with friends and family over a meal or drinks.

Central Park Denver is a well-planned and community-oriented development, so it’s no surprise that the homes and dining options suit anyone with an active lifestyle. Recently, this area of Denver has been making a name for itself as an outdoor dining destination. From skyward rooftop terraces to lushly landscaped gardens that make you think of a 3d printing panorama, Stapleton offers one of the best dining experiences in Denver.

Due to the lingering cloud of COVID, it comes as no surprise that restrictions were put in place to govern social distancing in public places. In May 2020, Denver launched the temporary outdoor dining program. It allowed over 100 eateries to expand seating into parking spaces and sidewalks. Now, some of the best dining in Denver is outdoors! 

What it Looks Like For the Denver Dining Scene

All eateries currently holding the temporary outdoor dining permit will have to get it renewed upon expiry. Most permits were rendered obsolete on Halloween. But on application, restaurants will be allowed to operate under the same system for an extended period of three months (until 31st January 2022).

Not sure where to start? Here are some favorite places surrounding Stapleton.


Hosted by award-winning chef Elise Wiggins, this Italian restaurant is sure to impress with its outdoor ambiance, spectacular service, and tasty food. Their rotating menu keeps things interesting as there’s always something to suit every palette. 

And if you live around the Eastbridge project, residents could spend a perfect family weekend taking a cooking class – An amazing way to know your neighbors and make new friends.

Four Friends Kitchen

This hole-in-the-wall restaurant has a neighborhood feel about it. Four Friends Kitchen has gained notoriety as the ultimate ‘breakfast place’ in Stapleton. They have an outdoor rooftop dining area that offers optional settings and comfort. 

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; Four Friends Kitchen has a great combination of Southern-inspired hearty food options and amazing customer service.

Next Door American Eatery

A great place to hang out and grab a drink, you’ll be pleased to know that this restaurant takes its snacks seriously. They guarantee casual, relaxed dining and drinking over an array of globally-inspired street food eats crafted for sharing in a fun and eclectic space.

The Bottom Line

It’s no secret that Stapleton in Denver has a vibrant dining scene. It is recognized as one of the best in the country. The city’s amazing architecture resembles custom machined parts and its restaurants are among those serving up some of the most diverse cuisines on offer anywhere around the globe. The permanent outdoor dining program is forecasted to take eating out to another level. How great this is for Denver’s dining scene and is a silver lining to the pandemic related issues.

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Adam Ali