Glass Genius Leads Industry Boom in Tempered Glass


The Online Marketplace is Making Quality Tempered Glass Products More Accessible than Ever

[Dublin, Ohio] — November 3, 2021: Today, Glass Genius, an online marketplace featuring various custom glass products, announced that it is the leader of the latest boom in the construction industry: Tempered glass. From tempered glass cut to size to tempered glass round tabletops, there isn’t a single product users can’t find on the website, granting greater access to the material than ever before. 

Furthermore, the construction industry is seeing more inclusion of tempered glass in recent months. Thanks to its unmatched durability, it can be used for various purposes within construction projects. In addition, since it is processed using thermal treatments, its strength prevents it from breaking easily under stress, keeping construction teams safe. 

Now, thanks to Glass Genius’ extensive network of local glass fabricators, construction companies can quickly and easily source tempered glass cut to size whenever they need it. And, since the website presents sellers based on location, they can get started on projects in half the time.

Of Glass Genius’ new offering to the industry, a spokesperson for the company commented, “Tempered glass is a must-have for anyone in the construction industry, which is why we’re proud to offer so many different products featuring the material on our website. So, whether a client needs a tempered glass tabletop for their living room or tempered glass cut to size for windows, everything can be found directly on Glass Genius — it’s almost too easy!”  

For decades, tempered glass has been used in structures as decorative panels, windows, doors, partitions, and more. Residential facilities most often use the material to create cabinets, shelves, and tabletops that are shatter-resistant and safer than conventional glass. 

Though, in the past, tempered glass could be challenging to find and customize according to buyers’ needs, Glass Genius has made the process easier than ever. After creating an account on the website, users can find their next favorite product within minutes! 

About Glass Genius: As the first and only online marketplace of its kind, Glass Genius is quickly becoming the premier resource for anyone seeking premium glass products. With a diverse range of items covering anything from tempered round tabletops to laminated glass cut to size, the website is widely popular amongst multiple glass companies and independent designers. 

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