How to Delete Reddit Account

Reddit is a forum, so its terms and policies are especially important to get acquainted with to surf the net safely and conveniently. The platform’s terminology often seems confusing, which leads to misunderstandings and challenges. Customers won’t be able to change their username — that is only possible to do with their public name.

When it comes to deleting a Reddit account, people search for a true way to achieve their goal. Stick to the recommendations provided below to ensure the right result is at your disposal.

Instruction for Beginners

There is a reason why the Reddit special terminology has been mentioned. It is not the same thing to delete and deactivate the account. By deleting, you will get rid of all the profile information completely — it is going to be erased from the network, including all the posts and links. However, your information may stay accessible if individual deleting doesn’t happen. 

By account deactivating, your username and profile won’t be longer present on Reddit, while previously made posts are disassociated. So ensure you delete the necessary parts of your account before deactivating it. Here are simple steps to destroy your profile:

  • After logging in, go to the User Settings section.
  • Look for the button “Deactivate Account”.
  • Reddit will be sorry to see you go. To finish the process, fulfil the form and deactivate the account.

For smartphone users, the procedure is also possible. In the Help and FAQs section, follow the instructions and deactivate the account without difficulty. Please note that account deactivation doesn’t offer mechanisms to turn back time and redo your old profile. You will need to create a new one.

What to Do Next

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Author: Adam Kirk

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