Fix It Right Plumbing Melbourne Announces Its ‘Fixed Right First Time’ Guarantee

Fix-It Right Plumbing Melbourne is a company that has always been known for standing behind the work that their plumbers complete. Now they have taken that one step further as the company has announced it’s now offering a ‘Fixed Right First Time’ Guarantee. This is not just some gimmicky sales pitch either – as part of this guarantee, a customer will receive $50 if their plumbing issue is not completely resolved the first time a Fix-It Right Plumbing plumber works on a plumbing issue.

“Getting your job fixed the right way is what our customers have come to expect from us. We are fully committed to finding the real cause of your issue and providing a solution that ensures it stays fixed once and for all. If we fail to do this the first time, you will receive $50 from us,” a company representative stated. “As you can imagine, this offer is no joke and there are certain conditions that must be met to qualify. We want you to be clear about how this offer works, so we encourage you to explore the terms and conditions around this awesome offer so you know exactly what to expect.” The company representative then went on to discuss the conditions that must be met for a customer to qualify for the $50 Fixed Right First Time guarantee. It entails the plumbing job that was done being classified as ‘rectified’. He described rectified as meaning that the issue that the company was called to work on is resolved and not likely to return.

According to the company representative, there are many other reasons besides their Fixed Right First Time offer that should motivate customers to hire them too. It all starts with the fact that this trusted plumbing company was established in 2007 and has well-trained and experienced plumbers out in the field representing them. Their plumbersknow all of the latest and best methods to resolve all types of plumbing issues. He mentioned that their plumbers always make sure that their service vehicles are kept fully stocked because they know that this gives them the best chance to complete a plumbing task in a single trip to a customer’s home or business. Fix-It Right Plumbing is also very upfront about the prices they charge, offers flexible payment options, and their staff has excellent customer service.

These company traits have directly led to Fix-It Right Plumbing receiving many 5-star reviews from the customers it has provided services for. Jason Hendriks stated, “Super smooth, checked out the issues we had with a tap, advised of price for replacement, and then checked the other wet areas in the house for regular maintenance items. Just honestly great service Thanks again! Would not hesitate to recommend.” Jess proclaimed, “I had an emergency (outdoor burst pipe) and was able to get someone over within a couple of hours. Jack was quick to investigate and helped me understand the situation. Very happy with the work as well as the friendly service. Thanks heaps Jack!”

The company representative also discussed the many different types of plumbing services that they offer. A list that includes being able to resolve any issues with drains that are working slowly or are completely blocked. They also provide a variety of hot water-related services and know exactly how to deal with all different types of dripping taps. From detecting leaks and resolving those leaks, to being able to perform any necessary toilet repairs, fixing gas leaks, Fix-It Right plumbers are also very proficient when it comes to plumbing issues. This reputable plumbing company services not only the Greater Melbourne area but also such surrounding communities as Portsea, Mornington, Flinders, Dandenong, and Cranbourne. Those that would like more information on the Fixed Right First Time guarantee or the services that these plumbers in Melbourne offer can call them, Book Online, or fill out the form that’s found on their website’s ‘contact us’ page.

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