Now, more than ever, it’s time for Canada

Feels like it’s time to immigrate to Canada? Meet the first 2 of the main important factors in the Canadian immigration system – RCIC and the CRS score.

With Canada’s competent express entry pathway, people from all over the world are able to fulfil their immigration goals swiftly and easily. First established in 2015, the express entry system allows immigrants to apply for permanent residency by creating an online profile after they meet all the eligibility requirements set by each particular express entry program. These programs include the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). There are also a number of Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) which further narrow down the eligibility criteria to fill in their labor gaps and add to the prosperity and flourishment of their territory or province.

How the Canada CRS Score System Comes into Play

Comprehensive Ranking System or Canada CRS score is the system used by the federal or provincial government for candidates who wish to apply for immigration. The system ranks you on set factors such as age, education, experience, language and a few additional aspects. Every applicant wishing to immigrate finds themselves in the constant struggle to get the most out of this system by adding up as many points as their current status allows them.

However, it is surprisingly easy to miss or leave out a few things that could really end up being the deciding factor for your Invitation to Apply (ITA). Here’s how getting an RCIC agent comes in handy. The consultant will help you make sure that nothing’s left behind and guide you in making your express entry profile.

Benefits of Hiring an RCIC Agent

Let’s face it, nobody has the time to sort through that pile of documents or getting them the right approvals and attestations to keep you in the running for immigration. It is hectic and tedious work, and your RCIC will make it all go away! One of the biggest perks of having an immigration consultant is not having to worry about the paperwork that threatens to take over your life.

 While express entry is a fairly simple and straightforward process, the documents and data assembly, upload and follow ups can get quite demanding. Taking out time from your routine can be challenging, and making it all up to the Canadian government standards require time and research. By hiring a Canadian immigration consultant, you can say goodbye to all your stress and only worry about the things that would matter in the long run. It gives you time to plan ahead and focus on life as an immigrant. Everything is sorted for you as a trained and licensed RCIC agent knows all there’s to know about requirements and paperwork for successful immigration. There are minimum chances of error or missing documents.

Besides the paperwork, finding the best Canadian immigration consultant will also help you with IELTS preparation courses and offer post-landing services. These can include guidance with cover letters/ resumes, help with accommodation, setting up a bank account, licensing and renting, getting to know your city and much more. All of these really make a huge difference in a new immigrant’s life.

How to Know If your Canada Immigration Consultant is Reliable

Make sure that you check the credentials and licensing of the RCIC agent before you hire one. There are many immigration agencies which take up your case and then disappear after money transfer. Save yourself from any trouble by checking the licensing and registration number of the RCIC Agent.

If you are choosing an immigration consultancy firm, there are many ways to check if they are authentic. For instance, a secure members-only portal, terms of use and privacy policy, refund policy, transparency about staff and RCIC agents, online social media presence, successful client reviews and easy ways to get in touch all indicate towards an authentic practice.

A Relaxed Immigration Experience

Moving is not easy, no matter how beautiful the destination. It is demanding and it can get too overwhelming – to the point where you start doubting everything. Save yourself the trouble and turmoil, and hire an RCIC agent to help with Canada CRS Score and also with the entire immigration process. While it does require you to expand your budget quite a bit, it always works in your favor in the end.

Usman Sabir