Prize Fiesta, tips for players

Prize Fiesta is an app that first saw the light of day in 2016. An entertaining puzzle game, its success has stood the test of time.

Playing Prize Fiesta is a chance to win real gifts while having fun.Over 4,700 rewards have already been sent all around the world by the game’s publisher, Full Game Ahead.The elaborate design and real gifts – that’s what makes the difference from yet another Candy Crush clone.Although the fun is simple, there are many options for progress in the game, and it’s always useful to know as much as you can.

How do you win in Prize Fiesta?

There’s no mystery – the more you play, the more chance you have to progress quickly and win.

But it shouldn’t be a duty, either. Playing just five to ten minutes a day already brings you closer to a prize.

Playing every day is still the best, but five days a week is enough to progress in the game.

Some useful tips when playing Prize Fiesta:

  • Playing at the bottom of the board helps you anticipate your next moves.
  • Spreading the goo is the main aim in each level.
  • Take your time – think before each move.
  • Collect as many mushrooms as possible.
  • Go and see the dwarves often to see what they have to offer.

Prize Fiesta, a game to be shared?

Facebook is another important aspect if you want to progress faster in the game.There is a great community of players. They meet to exchange advice and tips.

This is an opportunity to chat with Prize Fiesta winners. Players can chat together and exchange if they want to.

Newcomers will quickly come across stories from people who have received their rewards sent to their homes.

Solo contests allow you to advance in the game, but on Facebook there are also contests between friends and even a global contest.

These are all chances to have fun and make progress towards your gift, making the most of the mutual support available. These contests are organized by Prize Fiesta customer service, a dynamic and committed team. They are very active on social media and available to answer questions from players.

A presence for anyone who needs to be guided through certain stages of their experience.You can also contact the Prize Fiesta team directly if you feel the need. They always answer quickly.

Player satisfaction is obviously important to them, and no one is left behind.This is an additional asset for this game.

Is winning in Prize Fiesta possible?

All this information and these tips increase your chances of winning a gift sent directly to your home.

A visit on Facebook or directly in the Prize Fiesta gift cave and you will discover the photo of the winners.

The comments left by players on the stores also confirm that winning at Prize Fiesta is possible. Everybody has a chance to win a prize by playing Prize Fiesta.

A little time and a great desire to have fun! That’s the recipe for winning in Prize Fiesta.

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