Versatile artist Kilo M.O.E. piques anticipation with his latest album ‘Ole Pierpont’

United States, Maryland, Aug 11, 2021 ( – A long celebrated name in the genre of
hip-hop, Maurice Jones, most popularly known as Kilo M.O.E., is a seasoned artist who has been
producing great music through the years. The Baltimore-based producer, songwriter, rapper, and label
owner has become a highly praised entity for his musical attributes that fuses high-end instrumentals
with outspoken lyrics to cast a solid impact. The music mogul has been reigning the industry with his
enticing compositions that shed light on various genuine issues and urge people to look beyond what
meets the eyes.
Featuring all his exclusive strengths and a great deal of hip-hop knowledge, the artist and owner of
O.M.G Entertainment has launched his fifth ‘Ole Pierpont’ that takes on a hard-hitting approach to
deliver countless compelling bars about the current rap industry. ‘Ole Pierpont’ presents to the
audience the other side of the industry of what goes on behind the scenes that include mergers, hostile
takeovers, and other acquisitions. With utmost confidence and an unwavering spirit, the rapper churns
out reality with his powerful vocabulary that perfectly complements the theme. Comprising of five songs
namely ‘Dear Game’, ‘The Love’, ‘Whole Man’, ‘Hail Ceasre’, and ‘Petty Petty’, the prolific rapper
refers to the album as extrospective and delivers each track with the same intensity and weight to
underline his thoughtful objective.
No other artist nurtures the aggression to expose the brutal reality of the music biz like Kilo M.O.E. His
intimidating lines, strong vocal throw, unapologetic attitude, and riding beats create an epic musical
ambiance in ‘Ole Pierpont’. The new release has already garnered a lot of appreciation from the
audience for its powerful lyricism and it’s almost impossible to not feel impacted by its authenticity. The
album has allowed the rapper to unleash his extraordinary skills and could be counted amongst his most
valuable works so far. For more reference, check out and