How to Achieve a Bohemian Fashion Look in Easy Steps


Among the current trends, Bohemian Chic fashion has been gaining ground with its cheerful and bohemian style. The possibility of choosing clothes and accessories in online stylist store puts within reach an infinity of options in dresses, necklaces, pants and Bohemian Chic shirts. Here, some keys to get a 100% Bohemian outfit.

The best store to buy bohemian dress online reserve is, it is a prominent place for the Bohemian Chic style, with an interesting selection of garments and accessories that result in very versatile urban outfits, since they are used both for an afternoon walk and for an elegant dinner.

If a fashion lasts over time, it is because it has managed to conquer wardrobes and catwalks with a unique style. And if we talk about originality, Bohemian Chic – a contraction of Boho Chic in English – is a true reference: an eclectic style that combines hippie and bohemian elements, with some folkloric, country and vintage.

Bohemian Chic: More than a Fashion

“The Bohemian Chic style is one of those trends that never ends, because more than a passing fad is a style,” explain the experts from the online store. “In fashion, although it has been in different ways for decades, lately it refers to a trend that was born in England in 2005, its greatest exponents being Sienna Miller”, they add.

Doing a bit of history, the Bohemian Chic style owes some of its characteristics to all the fashion trends that emerged in the 60s coinciding with the hippie movement and the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

5 Steps to an Outfit Bohemian Chic from Toe to Head

Country Boots or Flat Shoes: A Bohemian Basic

One of the aspects that make this style so comfortable is that heels are prohibited. Flat sandals and cowboy or Texan boots take over bohemian footwear, giving a more than original touch to next petite skirts, dress or shorts.

Add Some Maxi Dresses to your Wardrobe

Maxi dresses with ethnic or floral prints are like an emblem in this style. A variant is the kimono, always in bright colors.

If dresses are not your thing or you want a garment that allows you more combinations, you can opt for a long maxi skirts that incorporates those colors and patterns and, why not some border or lace.

The More Accessories and Jewelry, the Better

It is almost impossible for this style to give an overloaded look because, precisely, the quantity and variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets is what complements it perfectly.

We are talking about colorful and good-sized jewels, even with a variety of materials and shapes such as colored stones and woods.

Woven Shawls for Warmth and Decoration

Crochet, machine or two needles: any knitted garment dresses and shelters in this rustic outfit. Shawls and vests give those unique distinctive, especially in pastel or white colors.

Do not Miss a Lingerie Top

This garment is not exclusive to Bohemian Chic, but it has become one of its fundamental pieces. They are generally made of silk or soft, draped fabrics have a v-neckline and lace details.

How these Tips are Adapted for every Occasion

Once we have the basic garments of the style, everything is in knowing how to combine and enhance them for each occasion.

When we talk about a look to go to work, respecting the precepts of Bohemian Chic, we can transform the maxi dress or skirt into a midi, as long as it preserves the floral and colorful print, but this way it will provide more comfort. We can also reduce the number of accessories and add-ons, leaving only one or two.

In the case of adapting this outfit for an elegant dinner, we can replace the pastel and floral tones with more sober colors and ethnic prints in that range. Country boots can be easily worn at night as well.

The lingerie top, whatever the color, is a garment that will adapt to any of these situations and accepts the most varied combinations, so it is always convenient to have more than one in the closet.

The Style of the Influencers and Famous

One of the many reasons why Bohemian Chic has been so strongly installed among current fashion trends is because it has been chosen by many personalities and influencers.

In short, it is a style that is very flattering to women and adapts to all body shapes, ages and tastes. Everything is in visiting the online personal stylist store with bohemian chic catalogs and starting to add these original garments to our cart.