How you can Convince Your Team to upgrade to VoIP



It is time. You must know that upgrading to a VoIP phone system is the best change. There is no shortage of pros and it makes sense from a business viewpoint. With that, how can you convince your team to make the switch? Changing phone service providers is not a small decision and needs a little research. Often, it seems easy to push that kind of project to the bottom of corporate priorities. Fortunately, there are plenty of pieces of advice which are present out there when it comes to persuading your team to upgrade to VoIP/Virtual Phone numbers.

  1. VoIP Solves Your Pain Points

If you are looking for a new telephone system, then it would mean that you are not overly happy with the current PBX. It could be that your current system drops call, is a pain when it comes to adding new lines each time your team grows or has poor voice quality. Regardless of the problem, you have to ensure that VoIP service provider you are pitching to the team can address it. do not allow your telephone system to become this outdated.

  1. VoIP Cost Savings: The Cost Is Right

Yes, a low business telephone bill interests all businesses, however, don’t just say ‘VoIP is cheaper’ when speaking to your co-workers. You need to give the concrete figures which explain how much you will save with a VoIP phone system. You have to do a side by side assessment of current phone services spending, including the price of individual features.

  1. Show but Don’t Tell: VoIP Technology

Explaining the great advantages that VoIP phone brings to businesses is one thing, however, the great way to convince your team is to let them see it in action. You can set up a time for everybody to hop on a webinar or join a demo that shows how VoIP services work for small businesses. You may even compile some basic queries and concerns from the team earlier so that the phone agent can address them in real-time.

  1. Scalability of business with VoIP

VoIP phone numbers are a great solution for business of every size however it is particularly beneficial for small and start-up businesses. It is extremely easy and flexible to navigate. You wouldn’t need a dedicated IT team to add phone lines or re-setup the phone system in a new and larger office. Instead, the VoIP platform is greatly customisable to your requirements and has a lot of features which can improve your business a lot.

Nowadays, the VoIP market offers an advanced set of features such as a virtual auto attendant, third-party interoperability, instant video calls, and CRM integration. These can increase your everyday interactions with consumers and so can other inbound calling solutions that allow your site visitors to directly talk with a representative right via the browser. You can choose a feature from your ideal business VoIP service provider and show it to your team. You have to let them see how the new phone system is better.

  1. Summarise and Present all Your Findings

A one-page summary about VoIP on your teammate’s or boss’s desk can go a long way. You need to combine all the various information and your basic reasons for upgrading to hosted VoIP system in a report which las out the key points in favour of changing your phone service provider.

Remember! Visuals can be great. You need to use infographics, charts, and graphs, anything which works for your team. After all, time is of the essence. The more you delay your decision to upgrade, the more money your business loses, wastes employee’s time and decreases efficiency.

Most of all, you must ensure that you are confident that the new VoIP phone you are pitching is the right option for your business before you go to your team. Selecting the right service provider is of the utmost significance, each has its strength in different areas, however, you do not need to select a corporate on-site system for your start-up.

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