Summer Clothes

The clothes that are worn in hot weather or summer season are known as summer clothes. As we all know that, during summer the temperature is very hot due to which we prefer light clothes especially of light color. But why do we wear light color dresses in summer?

Light color dresses are more preferred in summer because it does not absorb too much sunlight whereas dark colors absorb the heat too much. Basically, light colors reflect the heat and absorb the sun’s heat. Different types of clothes are preferred in different seasons but during summer it is very difficult to decide which dress is more suitable. The most fundamental reason is during summer most of the body parts are visible so the clothes must be worn perfectly in summer.

Summer clothes include shorts, short dresses, linen pants, singlet, t-shirts, tops, aloha shirts, tank tops, short skirts, etc. Basically, summer clothes are made up of lighter stuff as compared to winter dresses that are worn in the winter season. Summer clothes stuff must be light in order to keep the body temperature normal. If you are not wearing lighter stuff clothes in summer then keep in mind that people will consider you as a fool and most importantly you will be not comfortable in them.

White color is the summer season’s color as most of us prefer wearing white color. Another problem that we face in the summer season is sweating. Most of us are not known which stuff is the best absorber of water. So, cotton is the stuff that absorbs water due to which it is highly in demand in summer.

In summer, short dresses are worn because it allows air to cool your body temperature to get rid of heat and sweating. Especially girls wear short dresses during a hot summer day in order to get fresh air and most importantly heat is not trapped. It makes them look stylish and classy as well.

But still few of the people like dark colors to be worn in summer. It’s up to you who stuff or which color you prefer but still for the comfort you must wear light stuff clothes in summer.

Types of summer clothes

As mentioned above that summer clothes include shorts, short dresses, t-shirts, etc. These types of clothes with light stuff and light colors are available for the summer season.

T-shirts: It is the famous type of dress that is used in summer. It is not only specific for males but is available for both males and females. Not just simple, stylish t-shirts are designed that make them look attractive and beautiful.

While choosing the stuff for t-shirts, it becomes very difficult to decide the right one because in summer the stuff must be soft and of lightweight. It must not trap heat and moderates the body temperature. And most importantly for working person, it must absorb water as sweating is most common in summer.

Shorts: Cotton shorts are considered to be perfect during hot summer days for especially for males. It makes you feel fresh and comfortable as you don’t feel too much hot even in summer because your body can get fresh air easily.

It will give you relief. Especially, if they are cotton shorts then they can easily absorb sweat and you can wear them even for the whole day.

Short dresses: These dresses are basically made for little girls. Not only young girls but females of all ages can wear it in summer as it provides freshness and increases the comfort level. Especially light-colored dresses are in demand.

Short dresses are designed in such a way that they can provide you fresh air in summer and make you look more stylish. As most of the body parts are visible in summer so the dresses must be carried in a decent way.

Singlet: It is sleeveless normally we can say that a vest. It is not vest but its style is like that of a vest. It is available in different colors and different styles. For summer days, it is the most perfect dress one can select.

It is available for both males and females in different designs. It is very much in demand especially in those countries or areas where the weather remains hot throughout the year as it provides complete relaxation.

Aloha Shirts: These are also known as Hawaiian shirts. Hawaiian shirts are specially designed in Hawaii. It is famous worldwide because lightweight, colorful prints like leaves, flowers, and beaches, and most important convenience in size (loose-fitting).

It is untied collar shirt that makes feel you comfortable during summer. The stuff used in these shirts is very soft and light that can easily absorb water. It is available in many beautiful designs and colors.

Linen Pants: Linen pants are in demand in summer. Soft stuff pants must be used instead of jeans as the stuff of jeans is not comfortable in summer it can be used in winter. Linen stuff is used mostly as it provides cool wearing. It is considered to be the best reflector of heat.

Linen pants, tailored pants trousers are best in summer. Wearing jeans in summer can cause skin redness. So if you don’t want skin redness then use linen or soft stuff trousers and pants.

Customized t-shirts: In summer, customized t-shirts are very much in demand because in summer most of us prefer loose-fitting clothes and also to look more stylish.

Tank tops: Tank tops are specially designed shirts that have no collars, no sleeves, and even no buttons. Its design is the same as that of the vest but it comes in many sizes and designs and is also available in different colors.

These are mostly preferred by ladies. Its design is also the same as that of the swimming suit. First, it was considered as the swimming suit but later it was known as tank tops.

Short Skirts: Short skirts are the source of air and freedom. They maintain your body temperature in summer. It makes you look more stylish and modern. Firstly, long skirts were in demand but now, shorts skirts are very much in demand.

Night suits or sleeping suits: Night suits in summer include loose shirts and a short pant that makes you feel comfortable and provides you peaceful sleep.

Swimming suit: Swimming suits are specially designed for swimmers. While swimming, you can wear it because it will decrease the risk of dragging. Swimming suits are available in many different designs and styles.

Here mentioned above are the few types of summer dresses that are mostly used all over the world and are in demand.

10 Ways of Wearing Summer Clothes to Look Perfect

Here I have explained 10 ways that will help you a lot in summer. As everyone wants to look perfect in summer but most of us don’t even know how to carry a particular dress. So, for this reason, I have described the ways of wearing different dresses to look smart and perfect.

  1. Use decent designs for summer clothing: Decent designs mean that if you have long shirts then can make them short by folding them or tie knots at the bottom. This will make you look smarter and will make you look smart. Must use light colors and single-layer clothes. You can wear a single op in many different styles but it all relies on your fashion sens
  2. Wear lightweight blazer: If you are about to wear a very lightweight singlet or a vest then in order to become attractive and look more class you can simply add a blazer over it. But keep in mind that the blazer must be of lightweight stuff like linen. It adds beauty to the clothes.
  3. Wear silk tops: Silk is the stuff that is also very suitable for summer but it requires very much care like washing silk clothes is very difficult. But it will make you look decent. It is again up to you that how you carry the outfit.
  4. You must have one striped shirt: Black and white stripe shirts make your look classic and when you are wearing a hat with it then out looking will be amazing and you will look different from others. Striped shirts and striped jeans make you look leggy or taller. These are really in fashion.
  5. Pick out breathable clothes: Breathable clothes are basically of loose-fitting like wide leg pants or trousers, loose blouses, short skirts, loose shirts and cropped tops. But if you are wearing skinny clothes then, you will face difficulty in breathing. So you must prefer loose fitting clothes in summer. In loose fitting dresses, you feel cool and relax.
  6. Wear less jewelry: Wearing more stuff like jewelry is not beneficial for you in simmer as it can increase your body temperature. So, in summer avoid wearing too much jewelry. Avoid wearing bangles, necklaces and fancy ear rings. Use simple tops like that of hoop ear rings.
  7. Wear light color dresses: It is the most common tip that if you have great fashion sense then you must use light colors in summer. As, light colors are considered to be the best reflector of heat.
  8. Wear sleeveless shirts: One of the most fundamental things that must be kept in mind in that in summer the body must be cool. This can only be possible if you take time while making a decision regarding summer dresses. Wearing sleeveless shirts with loose pants can make you look more smart and pretty.
  9. Select summer stuff carefully for dresses: Keep in mind that while selecting summer dresses you must focus on the stuff. Details are provided with the dress that which stuff is used. So, you must prefer cotton, silk and linen stuff clothes in summer. These stuffs are considered to be soft.
  10. Wear belts to emphasize your waist: Wearing belts can make you look smarter and slimmer. It will make your outfit look prominent. Most of us want to look smart as most of the body parts are visible in summer. So, this is the best way of looking smarter and slimmer.

Few Tips that will make you Look Professional In Summer for Office Work

Work wear is available in dark colors. But in summer we must prefer light colors. So for this purpose you must prefer light colors like white color in strips. Striped shirts will make you look more professional and classy.

Few common dressing tips for office working girls is that they can use button up shirts in light blue color and white color with black loose trousers. You must also focus on footwear like pointed heels will be perfect at work but if you are not comfortable in heels then you can wear blue jeans stuff sneakers.

If you are working in an environment where you have the facility of air conditioner then you can take the advantage of this. You can wear light weight blazers to add beauty to the dress and to enhance your personality.

Most importantly, it must be kept in your mind that you have to care for your feet from direct sunlight. So, for this purpose you must wear stylish sneakers and joggers. Now-a -days sneakers are very much in demand so you must prefer sneakers rather than slippers or heels at office.

Dotted shirts with cargo pants is a perfect combination for every working woman. It will make you look more professional. Your professionalism not only depends on you working skills but also depends on your dressing sense.

Not only women but men can also wear light color shirts with blue jeans stuff pants or simple dress pants to look more decent with black, navy blue or brown office shoes.

So, for selecting dresses for summer becomes very difficult for most of us. But now there is no need to worry because we are providing with complete details about what should you wear in summer? Before buying any dress you should check its stuff, its color and most importantly size. Your dress reflects your personality. So you must go through this article.