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Do you wish to manifest your dreams? Achieving your goal is the greatest happiness and makes you enjoy the lifestyle. But this is not possible with the regular solutions already existing, and they do not provide you the expected outcomes. Most of the manifestation program includes the practice like thinking, yoga, and the law of attraction methods. While they do not make the results you wish, it is vital to make the right decision that helps to attain your desires. The review is about The Shambala Secret program, which helps to makes your wishes true.

What is The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is the excellent manifestation program created based on the concept of reprogramming the subconscious conductor found inside you. It helps you transform your life by focusing on your attention and re-creating the brain’s neural pathway. The creator has made the Ancient Tibetan Wealth Secret program, which can help you reap the financial abundance in your life.

The program helps you to reverse the sinister brain trick and prevent living in scarcity. The Shambala Secret comprises several proven audio tracks that align with your identity and make you feel alive with light energy. It unblocks the hindrances that make you live the life that you dream. The soundtracks are made as to the 3-dimensional sound that can trigger the re-creation of neural pathways in the brain. It includes the “Gamma” wave audio tones that can direct the subconscious mind and retrains the focus of your attention. The 3-D sound helps stimulate the brain’s neural pathways and enhances the subconscious messaging with the simple 22-minute audio track.

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How does The Shambala Secret formula work?

The thing that blocks the abundance was the mysterious force called Mind Gravity that sabotages your dreams. But there is a power switch that can reverse the power of mind gravity and prevent you from the misery of scarcity. Thus, The Shambala Secret has an effective technique that helps you change the mind’s gravity and transform your life with love and happiness.

  • You can discover why the mind’s gravity is the enemy of manifesting your desires and makes you learn how to reverse the power.
  • You can learn the real reason of the “1 percenter” of this world that you need to keep the “masses” mired in scarcity and poverty. You can also learn one simple trick that helps you to prevent your mindset from being sucked again.
  • You will also know what you should never do when you receive a possible sign from your guardian angel, and it helps you learn how to follow the sign without any doubt.
  • It includes the only manifesting secret which helps you to manifest all that you want.

The Shambala Secret has three exclusive truths:

  1. Your attention creates your reality: It is based on the concept of attention that can create your experience of reality. Reality has two forms one is “wave,” and the other is “particle” form. The waveform is related to possibility, and particle form is the physical experience of reality. Hence by focusing on the wave of possibility and particle of fact, your attention creates your reality.
  2. The negativity vortex is based on brain gravity, which grows to become an inescapable vortex of negativity. This vortex is the one that makes the bad experience more potent and more memorable than the good ones. It is because the negative experience creates gravity in mind.
  3. The subconscious that conducts your attention: It is based on the role of the subconscious that is played in your life. It involves the truth that your attention creates your reality. The subconscious is the conductor of your attention, and it directs the attention that includes thoughts, feelings, and decisions.

The conductor created a better reality for you and limited the experience of reality. It addresses the root of the problem by changing the conductor’s music and directs your attention towards your desires. Your subconscious mind decides whether to manifest scarcity or abundance, and unless you rewrite the music the conductor uses, your experience of reality will never change. The Shambala Secret is the simple matter of changing your conductor’s music in your subconscious mind.

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What can you find inside The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is a 22-minute audio meditation that you can listen to before sleep each night. It has 3-distinct phases:

Phase 1: Induction.

It is designed to help you transition from your “conscious” operating system to alter the conductor with the gamma brain waves and immersive 3-Dimensional auditory experience.

Phase 2: Subversion.

It is based on the state of meditation called subversion. It is listened to by the subconscious conductor and has the gamma brain waves and 3-D sound that can eliminate the limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, shame, and darkness.

Phase 3: Re-Awakening.

It makes you alert and empowers you with relaxed energy. It alters the brain wave frequencies that can gather your attention towards the desires.

How to use The Shambala Secret?

The Shambala Secret is simple to use to simply listen to the audio track that can reach the conductor in mind and create your attention. It includes the conductor language and helps to reverse the mind-gravity that slows you down. You can listen to the audio every day for nine days to make the desired results before going to sleep to recharge and recreate the brain.

Benefits of The Shambala Secret:

  • The Shambala Secret helps you to manifest the life that you dream for.
  • You can attain a life full of freedom and abundance.
  • It allows you to achieve abundance, prosperity, beauty, peace, and joy.
  • You can transform worries and anxiety into confidence and peace.
  • It also converts isolation and aloneness to love and connection.
  • It helps you to attain infinite peace, prosperity, serenity, and happiness.
  • It gives you a higher energy pulse and makes your body active.
  • The Shambala Secret is simple to use and creates effective results.
  • The audio tracks are powerful to manage the conductor and can be downloaded on the phone or tab.
  • It gains your attention and makes you achieve your dreams.
  • It is made affordable, simple, and easy to access to provide the desired results for anyone.
  • There is a 365-day money-back guarantee offered that makes you feel risk-free.


You can only avail of The Shambala Secret through the official website and not through any other online platforms. You must involve with total commitment for few minutes each day to attain your desires.

The Shambala Secret bonus is offered!

Today, you can sign up and get instant access to The Shambala Secret program and start seeing the transformation tonight. You can also avail of 3 special bonuses that can support you to help in attaining your dreams.

Bonus 1: The healing wind helps harmonize the mind-body-soul connection and stimulate the immune system.

Bonus 2: The sleeping ocean has a 22-minute sleep session at night with the ocean sounds and Tibetan singing bowls that give you the best sleep.

Bonus 3: The Golden Sunrise: It is the 5-minute track that triggers positivity and focuses on brainwaves.

There is also a POWER OF 9 GUARANTEE offered along with the purchase of The Shambala Secret program with the 365-day money-back guarantee, which makes your purchase risk-free and protected.

The Shambala Secret purchase and pricing:

The creator has offered The Shambala Secret program affordable, and you can buy the entire package along with the bonus gifts and money-back guarantee. The Shambala Secret program can be accessed by spending just $39, and no additional charges are included. Click here to know the latest Updated Season Sale Discount Price.

Summary – The Shambala Secret reviews!

The Shambala Secret is an excellent program that makes you deep-seated, soul-soothing peace that makes you happy. You can feel the darkness fading and light taking control of your reality. The program could make you physically active and mentally healthy that can focus on the attention of your desires. The secret audio in The Shambala Secret makes you feel like the conductor played the soundtrack you wish to listen to and transform your subconscious. The thousands of positive Shambala Secret user reviews and the 365-day money-back guarantee give you the confidence to try the program with no risks.


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