Guide to Get Disability Vehicle Insurance Coverage

Contrary to the popular belief, the drivers that are impaired in some way or others could still drive legally despite being disabled in some form as long as they have a valid driving license. Even if it’s a temporary disability, they’re still allowed to drive and to own car insurance as per the federal law namely the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This law came into effect in 1990 to prevent discrimination against disabled drivers.

The above-stated law is applicable nationwide to also prohibit insurance companies from rejecting customers on the basis of their disabilities, race, gender, and religion. Moreover, disabled drivers could not be denied car insurance on the grounds of being a low-income individual or on the basis of being temporarily unemployed due to disability even if they utilize any program.

How is Disability Vehicle Insurance different?

Since the drivers and owners that are disabled cannot be legally charged more for their car insurance policy based on their condition, there is no special car insurance policy for disabled drivers. But, they are required to get additional coverage to better ensure their safety along with the safety of others on the road.

Required Types of Coverage in Auto Insurance for Disabled Drivers

The most ideal car insurance policy for a driver is the one offering full coverage which caters to both liabilities and damages. Because it is inclusive of coverage against damage to property, collisions, injuries to the driver, passengers and the third party motorist, and so on, it’ll be most ideal for all types of drivers.

However, the following types of coverage might  also be required additionally to protect the disabled driver better:

  • Special Equipment Coverage

A disabled driver’s vehicle could require the installation of custom parts into their vehicle which helps assist them with mobility and this coverage provides the damage of the same. The equipment could include a wheelchair, ramps, special mirrors, etc. In some deals or cases, this coverage could also extend to include similar parts even if they’re not installed in the vehicle such as a walker, motorized scooter, etc.

  • Roadside Assistance Coverage

This coverage offers roadside pick-up services as well as towing service for the vehicle which is quite useful in scenarios of an accident or other similar circumstances.

  • Mobility Car Insurance Coverage

When the disabled driver has been in an accident and their car is under repairs, they could temporarily utilize other means of transportation to travel to places. With mobility car insurance coverage, they’ll be reimbursed for their commuting expense incurred during the above-mentioned period.

How to find Disabled Car Insurance Quotes?

Finding auto insurance with affordable premiums could seem like a task. But, with Alias Insurance, you can easily find locally available cheap car insurance quotes. It is now easier for disabled drivers to find mobility programs that offer rebates to make disabled-friendly vehicle modifications. So, you can rely on experts to provide you with a hassle-free auto insurance policy at your convenience.

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