HelloProject brings free services and state of the art contractor matching technology for your home remodeling project


HelloProject USA – USA’s leading platform that finds the best contractor for home services has announced free in-persona and virtual estimating services for their customers. Whether it is your entire home just one living space, HelloProject is there to assist you with your home renovation.

Escalation in interest and property prices and rise in newly bought old homes drive the growth of the global home improvement services market. An increase in smart homes and home automation technology is expected to open lucrative opportunities for the market players in the future.

In addition, HelloProject is providing the following services in more than 100 cities,

Our state of the art services give you confidence by ensuring that your project is in the right contractors’ hands. Homeowners are saving THOUSANDS on home improvement projects, without paying a penny out of pocket for up to 24 months, and with 0% interest on the finance. It’s never been easier to get a new, fantastic looking bathroom!

According to a recent survey of homeowners, 84% of the homeowners are planning on using a professional home contractor for their upcoming projects.

Bathroom remodeling is among the most common home renovation projects (42%) and 40% of the homeowners are interested in kitchen remodels (40%), followed by 28% for bedroom remodels, whereas the porch/patio/deck makeovers stands on 21%, and landscaping projects 20%. Contractors are needed most for electrical work i.e. 44%, 41% for flooring, 40% for plumbing, 40% for windows and 39% for structural work – all skills that are required for most of the top projects.



When it comes to selecting a contractor, homeowners prioritize price (62%), followed by being licensed (52%) and professionalism (49%). Most homeowners (53%) rely on word of mouth to find their contractor, while 40% of homeowners use online search.

About Hello Project USA: Hello Project USA is a full-service home remodeling referral and consulting company based in US. We are in professional relations with various contractors and this helps us in making your home remodeling projects more easy.