How to replace the central air conditioning unit?

In the majority of cases, a split system failure is due to the central air conditioning unit breakage: the problem can usually be solved by repairing it, but sooner or later, the air conditioner will have to be replaced. Large-scale rebuilding of the air conditioning system does not inspire enthusiasm, and most homeowners try to cope on their own, make fatal mistakes, and eventually turn to professionals after the cost of repair has increased many times. Therefore, do not fiddle around with a malfunctioning air conditioner but immediately call the Best Heating Cooling & Air company, and we will solve your problem quickly, competently, and at the lowest possible price.

When to replace your air conditioner?

It is hard to determine by sight whether an air conditioner needs to be replaced; to do it, a technician has to carry out extensive troubleshooting of the system using special tools. Replacement of the central unit is justified in cases where repairing is technically impossible or unpractical from an economic point of view:

• the area of the premises has increased, or the layout has significantly changed;

• the system was installed 15–20 years ago or is outdated, for which reason the manufacturing of spare parts and components has been discontinued;

• more energy-efficient models are available;

• a closed-type compressor has broken down (the price of a replacement model makes up to 80% of the price of a new air conditioner);

• the AC body has significant damages.

How to reduce the cost of replacing the air conditioner?

When installing a new air conditioner, it is sometimes necessary to replace the pipes, to redesign and to lay the service lines, which entails a significant increase in the cost of work. Repair costs will decrease if you replace only the central AC unit and keep the old lines; such a solution will not affect the functioning of the system if one of the conditions listed below is met:

• the new air conditioner has the same characteristics as the old one;

• pipes are not damaged or deformed;

• the same type of coolant is used, or the pipelines will be thoroughly cleaned;

• the compressor is in working order.

If the compressor fails, it is impossible to remove mineral deposits from the cooling unit pipes, so the system will have to be replaced altogether. But we have good news for you: regardless of the severity of the damage, you will, in any case, save on repairs if you contact the Best Heating Cooling & Air company. As an Xcel Energy partner, we supply our customers with climate control equipment, spare parts, and consumables at preferential rates, reducing the financial burden that may affect their household budget.

How to choose a contractor to replace your central AC system in Colorado

So, one fine day, you discovered that your air conditioning system was not working and made the right decision—to use the services of a local repair company. It remains only to choose a reliable contractor because replacing an air conditioner –, is too important and costly to be entrusted to an amateur, so consider only those companies that are NATE certified—it is a true indicator of the personnel qualification.

A warranty for repair work will also be a big plus—professionals are not afraid of taking responsibility because they are unshakably confident in the quality of services they provide. The Best Heating Cooling & Air company, one of the best among certified contractors in Colorado and Denver, offers a 100% refund in the event of a defect discovered, but we have not received any complaints so far—we do our job properly and do not give cause for complaints.

Finally, pay attention to how the company representative negotiates with the customer: a real pro is open for discussions, willingly answers any questions, and explains in detail the course of repair work. In this case, the contractor should not impose anything; new air conditioning equipment is selected, taking into account the available budget, operating conditions, and individual needs of the customer.

How is the central AC unit replacement done?

The correct sequence of work during the central AC unit replacement determines the service life of an air conditioning system and enables to avoid reprimands issued by supervisory authorities. The procedure for replacing an air conditioner may vary from case to case, but in general, it falls into the pattern below, so you know what to expect on the day of the repair.

1. First, it is necessary to obtain permission from the local authorities to repair the air conditioning system, but you do not have to collect signatures—we take care of the entire approval procedure.

2. After the scope of work is agreed upon, the system is emptied, and the central air conditioner is dismantled; if necessary, the service lines are disassembled, and the pipes are repaired, or new piping is laid.

3. Then, the contractor prepares a site for the installation of air conditioning equipment—it may be necessary to pour a concrete foundation to support the outer part of the unit or install supports for a rooftop air conditioner.

4. The next step is to make sure that the outdoor equipment is in the correct position—it must be firmly fixed, providing free access to the main components.

5. If the air preparation unit is to be replaced, the outdoor unit should also be replaced—installing the indoor and outdoor units at the same time saves effort.

6. Then, the outdoor and indoor units are combined into a single system; at that, the calculation of coolant pipes, drain lines, and electric wires is carried out, the points of service line connection to the split system components are marked.

7. After distributing service lines, the thermostat and controllers get connected to the central unit, the initial microclimate parameters are set.

8. Once all the system components are connected, preparations for a test run are made—vacuum purging is done to clean the pipes from clogs and foreign bodies.

9. It is followed by starting up and adjusting the system parameters, which will be the final stage of installation; should test results be successful, the coolant unit pipe is filled with a coolant.

10. At the end of the work, the contractor, in the customer’s presence, draws up a certificate of acceptance of the plant, based on which warranty service is provided, and compensation for losses in case of discovering a defect is paid.

The Best Heating Cooling & Air company guarantees that each item of the plan will be executed to the highest standard—quickly, efficiently, and without causing any inconvenience. You can trust our experience: submit a request for air conditioner repair through the website—and you will get professional service, affordable prices, and personal attention to every customer.

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