LA Entrepreneur arrested in Thailand, Here’s what his company comments with substantial evidence

DropIn, in an official media release, said the company’s Board of Directors is conducting an investigation concerning the events surrounding the arrest of its founder Louis Ziskin in Thailand. On May 15th, 2021, the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) arrested Mr. Ziskin in Bangkok on attempted murder and kidnapping charges. A Thai criminal court judge released Mr. Ziskin on less than 10,000.00 USD bail at his first court appearance. The arraignment hearing is scheduled for July 5th, 2021.

The company has expressed complete solidarity with Mr. Ziskin, and in fact, the Board of Directors has temporarily removed Mr. Ziskin from his CEO so he can direct all his attention towards the fraud case filed with Royal Thai Police Economic Crime Division and the criminal court proceedings initiated by Thong Lor Police department.

DropIn also slammed the international and domestic media for presenting “patently false, misleading, and incorrect” information. Several outlets claimed that Mr. Ziskin was a United States Marine, which he has categorically denied. “Mr. Ziskin was NOT at, in, or near the restaurant where the alleged kidnapping took place in Bangkok. Neither was he in any CCTV footage where the alleged crime occured. The only CCTV footage of Mr. Ziskin was illegally leaked footage of his arrest, which a Newsflare user-edited to create the impression that Mr. Ziskin was, in fact, at the scene of the alleged crime,” the press release said, adding the Board “unanimously and vigorously” supports Ziskin.

Much of this false information continues to be circulated online, adversely affecting the reputation of Mr. Ziskin and impacting the company’s business. False news was rampantly duplicated by several media houses, which cited inaccurate sources to seem credible. Some of the news outlets that have succumbed to this misinformation are The Thaiger, NBC News, and others, some of which with many misquoting Reuters as their primary source, albeit the latter never covered this issue.

The release said Ziskin was framed due to his business dealings with Mr. Wen Yu Chung, with the latter committing fraud through the course of the deal. In fact, Mr. Ziskin had ordered 400,000 boxes of Sri Trang Chemo-rated Nitrile Medical Examination Gloves and paid for them, out of which 70,000 were used latex gloves. Instead of taking matters into his own hands, Mr. Ziskin decided to file a criminal fraud complaint with the Economic Crimes Division of the Royal Thai Police. He also filed complaints with the relevant authorities in the US. Instead of sending the fake latex gloves to his customers, Mr. Ziskin decided to remain honorable and stored them in the company’s warehouse in LA, although he had to suffer financial damages through this decision. This way, they would not enter the medical system and, he hopes that the US authorities would retrieve them as evidence. The investigation is underway concerning the complaint filed by Mr. Ziskin, and DropIn Inc stands by his decision. Furthermore, the company, spearheaded by Mr. Ziskin, has vowed to pursue this matter legally and ensure optimal justice for its clients.

“The report was based on fraud not, a bad business deal, as news and media outlets incorrectly reported. Sri Trang, a publicly-traded Thai company, has made clear through its legal counsel that all documents, orders certificates, delivery schedules, corporate correspondence sent to DropIn Inc by Emily Hsu the CEO of Collections Enterprise, the accuser Yu-Ching Wen, Ted Van, and David Lin that represented themselves as the EXCLUSIVE representative for Paddy the Room Trading Co LTD are fake and fraudulent. Sri Trang reported both companies to the Royal Thai Police, Crime Suppression Division, and Consumer Protection Police Division,” the company’s release said.

The Board of Directors of DropIn Inc has created a website to publish the mountains of evidence that prove the innocence of Mr. Ziskin. The Board of Directors has encouraged the public and media to independently examine the case being handled by ECD under the direct supervision of the Office of the Attorney General, given the elements of cross-border organized crimes repeatedly committed across multiple jurisdictions. They have also sought information about Collections Enterprise Taiwan, Paddy The Room Trading Co Thailand.

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