Best mail server for windows [3 Top mail server for Windows 10]

Imagine a post office, and obviously, what they do is deliver postal letters. In simple words, that is what mail servers do if we consider emails as postal letters. For more details, mail server software handles input and output emails for the membered email accounts. Another feature of mail servers is the ability to set the specified protocols used for emails. There are many mail servers that you can utilize on your windows. Writing about all of them is pretty impossible in a blog post. This article intends to tell you about the 3 best mail servers for windows. 

What are Email Protocols?

Depending on your required features, various protocols for reaching, downloading, and sending your emails to define which protocols should be used or banned to satisfy user intent. Besides, it determines the type of mail client connected to the email server. So it is a little bit more complicated than a post office. Isn’t it?

Anyway, continuously, we will get you familiar with the most utilized email servers’ protocols in best mail servers for windows, including POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

POP3 protocol

POP3 (short for Post Office Protocol 3) is a well-known protocol for incoming mails, primarily between mobile users.

 Pros of POP3:

  •  The most beneficial feature of POP3 is that you can download all of your input emails. Otherwise, by this trick, you have access to all the downloaded emails from the server and saved them locally on your PC or device. This characteristic means that you’ll be able to read your emails offline. Using POP3 also frees up some space on your server this way.

Cons of POP3:

  • A clear disadvantage of POP3 is when you download your emails to your local machine. In this situation, using POP3, these emails won’t be available to other devices trying to access your mail on the mail server. To give the possibility of accessing emails on multiple devices. Your email client software must have an option for leaving a copy of the obtained and downloaded emails on the server.


SMTP (stands for Simple Mail Transport Protocol) is a protocol used when you send an email. Your email client and several other servers involved with the process will use SMTP to route the email and direct it to the receiver’s mailbox.

SMTP servers come in two variations:

  •  Relays servers: Relays accept emails from users and then route the messages to the recipient.
  •  Receivers: Receivers receive mail from relays and deliver the message into a mailbox.

What is the best mail server for Windows 10?

It is pretty hard to say which mail server is better than others. But what s important is we better say it is all up to you and depends on your needs. In the following, we will explain the pros and, in case it has, cons of these mail servers.

hMail Server

hMail is an open-source, free mail server for Windows 10 operating systems, with a reputation among ISPs, companies, governments, schools, etc.

Pros of hMail:

  • supports IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
  • you can check the source code for possible vulnerabilities
  • implementation of third-party anti-spam systems as
  • virtual domains
  • mail backup
  • SSL encryption
  • MX backup


Zimbra is another excellent free and open-source mail and one of the best mail servers for windows. You can download Zimbra both on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 10 machines. We talked about mail protocols, and as you know, one of the significant obstacles in mail servers is to support these protocols. Zimbra has solved this problem. It offers POP over TLS, SMTP over TLS, IMAP (Another mail protocol) over IDLE, and more.

Zimbra offers SSL encryption (SPF anti-spam) to strengthen security. . Apart from synchronizing your mail, it can synchronize your calendar and contacts as well.

Zimbra has another feature that facilitates the process of migration from another mail server to it quickly.


If you need a mail server that is scalable, extensible through plugins Haraka could be an option. Haraka is an open-source plugin-oriented SMTP protocol built with a javascript framework using Node.js. According to Wikipedia page Haraka, it has been claimed that Haraka can handle thousands of emails per second.

Haraka runs on Windows and requires minimal configuration.

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Routerhosting Windows 10 VPS service

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Any good mail server for windows should support the most basic email protocols, meaning SMTP for sending email, IMAP, and/or POP3 for receiving or reading emails.

Another vital feature is constructing a secured connection, meaning SSL encryption, SMTP over TLS, and POP TLS. An anti-spam system capable of blocking most spam emails will save you a lot of time to screen through emails to throw away unwanted ones.

In the end, if you have read this article on best mail servers for windows altogether, please feel free to leave a comment below for us to improve our blog posts and create a better experience for our users.