Various Applications Of Vanilla That You Should Know

Who doesn’t love vanilla, right? It’s a flavor that is famous worldwide. No matter from which part of the world you are, the vanilla flavor is everywhere and it is widely incorporated in all the cuisines worldwide. Have you ever thought that vanilla is? 

If you don’t know the answer then don’t worry because we will explain to you that what vanilla is. Vanilla is basically, the name of a plant which means it is a plant and that special vanilla flavor is extracted from the fruit/beans of this plant. Isn’t that interesting? 

But this extraction of vanilla from plants is quite expensive. That is why we have a substitute for it which is the artificial vanilla flavor which surely is cheap. This substitute is prepared in labs and is referred to as vanillin. Vanilla has a wide range of applications. It is not only been used in food but many other interesting items as well. 

Many people think that the use of vanilla is just restricted to food but that is not true. In this article, we will tell you about various applications of vanilla which will leave you stunned. Vanilla has a very strong flavor and fragrance and due to its rich qualities, it is being used widely in various categories. Now, let’s dig into some amazing qualities of vanilla which are stated below.

Used in Aromatherapy

Vanilla is widely used in essential oil therapy which is referred to as aromatherapy. The most impressive benefit of vanilla essential oil is that it is good for health. It is an effective treatment for various diseases as well. Vanilla is associated with positive vibrations and is very helpful in promoting a feeling of relaxation in the human body. This is the main reason for the wide use of vanilla in body products and bath products as well because of the feeling of relaxation it gives and promotes calm. 

If you use vanilla essential oil then it will help you to get better sleep as well. A lot of people struggle with having a good sleep. Many have disturbed sleep patterns. If you are one of those then vanilla essential oil is all you need in your life. It will instantly produce its effects and you can finally get a good sleep. The vanilla essential oil also has defensive properties. Fighting with bacterias and not letting them get stronger. 

Baking and Desserts

As we all know, vanilla is widely used in food items especially baking products and desserts. Vanilla eventually enhances the taste of products in which it is added. People love to eat delicious vanilla deserts. Vanilla essence is a must ingredient in cakes. It enhances the flavor and overcomes the flavor of eggs or baking powder added for rising the cake. A cake is incomplete without adding vanilla to it. 

Not only in cakes but deserts as well. Only two or three drops of vanilla essence are added in deserts or a maximum of one teaspoon and that is more than enough to build up delicious flavors. Vanilla has been essential in such food items over the years. It is either added as an artificial flavor or a natural one extracted from plants. A desert instantly becomes fancier with the addition of vanilla essence in it. Its taste and quality cannot be compared or replaces with anything else at all. 

Perfume Industry

How can someone miss out on the use of vanilla in perfumes? As we stated before, vanilla has a very strong fragrance and that is why it is being used in perfumes as well. Both natural vanilla and synthetic ones are used in perfumes. The synthetic one is a cheap ingredient in comparison to the natural one. The natural one is quite cheap. Not only do they differ in their prices but their fragrance as well. The natural one has more of a woody fragrance. The synthetic one doesn’t have a woody fragrance. 

It smells quite different. Vanilla is a fancy ingredient to be added in perfumes and people love its smell as much as they love its taste. One another reason for use of vanilla in perfumes is due to fact that it promotes relaxation and calmness. So, people who perfume with vanilla extract feel fresh and relaxed.