How Technology Is Hijacking Our Mind

The technology has undoubtedly advanced much in recent years, and its latest applications are truly mind-blowing! The future will see humans replaced by computers to do their jobs easier and more efficiently.

A magician is aware of the weakness and limitations of people. In this case, they can fool the audience without revealing the truth. The same formula also applies here. Companies take advantage of users’ weaknesses; to grab their attention and use it to their advantage.

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When we use technology, we tend to be optimistic about all things. While optimism is a good thing, being optimistic about its uses may be a lie you tell yourself when it comes to technology. 

Controlling choices

“Freedom” and “independence” may be discussed more frequently and more loudly than before, but people still choose from a menu they are not interested in. Menus with a lot of options are not the most useful. If we rely on the options available, we will not be able to see the differences. Instead of letting your device control you, you should be the one controlling it.

Our lives are increasingly being influenced by technology, which gives us more options in every area. The sad truth is that we choose our solutions and options based on technology.

Encouraging social reciprocity

When someone does something for us, we are also vulnerable to reciprocation, just like when we seek social approval. The technology industry manipulates this by imposing on us social obligations.

Most of the violations occur on LinkedIn. People are aggressively encouraged to add you by accepting connections and responding to messages. Imagine millions of people getting interrupted in this way throughout the day, reciprocating one another, all because corporations benefit from it.

Induce our “fear of missing something important” 

We are seduced by apps and websites that tell us we might miss out on something important if we don’t keep checking notifications.

Furthermore, they try to convince us that their sources of information and friendships are more important than any other. It becomes challenging to unsubscribe or delete your account once you are subscribed to an information channel.

Interrupt you to grab your attention

Push notifications are more likely to catch your attention than messages sent through email. The notification appears on the screen of your phone, and you are interrupted immediately. However, the technology industry enables you to reciprocate socially. Every minute of your life is interrupted.

Social Approval

Social approval is very important for us all. We all desire to belong, to be accepted, and to be valued. Through Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, people are manipulated to like and comment on photos tagged with them. People are not tagged consciously; instead, AI is used to recognize faces and suggest tag choices.

In addition, Facebook prioritizes profile photo changes in the newsfeed, knowing that changing their profile photos at this time can be a critical moment for people trying to get social approval.