What Is Managed VPS Hosting And How It Automates Website Maintenance  

The answer to “What is managed VPS Hosting?” could be quite vital for your small and medium-sized business. If you’re running a business or organization, no matter how small or large it is, you should have a proper online presence to survive among your competitors. It’s 2021, and more people have access to the internet (4.8 Billion) than a toothbrush (4.2 Billion)! That highlights how vital the internet is to the people who are also your potential customers.

So you should run a website for your business to be discoverable on the internet. But not everyone has the required technical expertise to develop a website and maintain it. On the other hand, many startups and small businesses can’t afford to hire a technical specialist to take care of that. This is where Managed VPS Hosting comes to the rescue! Stay tuned with this article to find out what it is and what benefits it will bring to your business.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS means having a virtual private server and a virtual technical expert to take good care of it.

Your website will need core updates, plugin installation, regular backups, and above all, security updates. The website admin should also constantly monitor the website’s traffic and adapt the resources such as RAM and CPU according to the traffic growth. That means countless lines of code that only an expert can generate and understand.

It takes many years of learning and experience to gain qualified expertise to take the responsibility of maintaining a website. Moreover, a website technical administrator expects an above-average wage, which might be hard to afford for small businesses.

As VPS services are famous for easing the path of the online world for businesses, they also have a creative solution for business owners to save them the trouble of technical administration.

If you get a fully managed VPS to host your website on it, the server provider will be responsible for your website’s technical support. So you won’t have to worry about anything because expert hands automate all the technical procedures.

At first glance, the managed VPS service might seem more expensive compared to the self-managed one. But if you look closely, it’s way more cost-effective in the long run. Your website is vaccinated against sudden crashes and security issues by getting a fully managed VPS hosting, ensuring it always runs fast and smoothly.

Moreover, you won’t have to hire a technical specialist and pay them for 24/7 IT support. So consider the excess price of the managed VPS as a sort of long-run investment with a high ROI.

What Are The Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting?

●    24/7 Tech Support

With round-the-clock support at your service, you won’t have to worry about any crashes or website issues. A team of experts monitors your website’s functionality and solves the problems.

●    Instant Resource Allocating:

If your website could hit the jackpot and gain more and more traffic, you’re going to need more resources to welcome the new website visitors. The managed VPS service takes care of that and allocates the most optimum RAM and CPU for your website according to the traffic volume.

●    Security

The service provider keeps scanning your website to find malware, spyware, weak points, suspicious traffic, and hackers to kick them out and protect your online business.

●    Data Protection and Backups

The service provider keeps getting regular backups of your website and stores them somewhere safe. That ensures even after an unexpected crash, your valuable data is not lost, and your website can start functioning again in no time. They also keep scanning your website for any vulnerability that might lead to data loss.

What To Expect From a Managed VPS Hosting?

There are many providers out there, and each answers the “what is managed VPS hosting?” differently. Some believe automatic updates are enough to label their service as Managed VPS, while some cover a more comprehensive range of needs. The best way to make sure the service you’re about to get is the right one for you is to contact the service provider and ask them directly.

Here are the most common services that best VPS Hosting providers offer. You don’t necessarily need all of them. Still, it’s good to know what services are usually available to make the smartest decision.

  • 24/7 Support
  • On-demand and automatic malware scans
  • Server management
  • Regular backups
  • Regular performance and security updates
  • Solving any hardware or software issues
  • Security package installation
  • Setting up server provisioning
  • Uptime guarantee

What Is Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

As the term is quite self-explanatory, unmanaged VPS hosting is the opposite of the managed one. Here the service provider makes no promises to you except for a functioning and available server, so you have to handle all the website maintenance on your own. The price is obviously lower because much less service is provided compared to the managed one. So if you or one of your teammates is a skillful IT specialist, this option is the right one for you.

In addition to cutting on expenses, self-managed VPS also gives you more freedom to customize. On a managed VPS, the service provider decides which patch, software, and hardware should be used. But on a self-managed VPS hosting, you are in charge of customizing your cheap  windows PS server, relying on your own technical background.

The Benefits of Unmanaged VPS Hosting

●    Cost

The unmanaged VPS offers no extra services, so it’ll cost you less than a managed one. There are even free unmanaged VPS hosting out there, but the quality is very low given you pay nothing for it, so you’d better not risk your online business on them. [you can buy vps with bitcoin here]

●    Customizing

Everything is up to you and your technical expertise here. You decide what security patches to install, what resources to allocate, and when to get a backup of your website. It’s a good option when you have the expertise and enough time to manage the server.

How To Choose A Managed VPS Hosting Provider?

After finding the answer to the “what is managed VPS hosting?” you should find a company that offers it the best. Finding a reliable partner who will help you with your VPS is essential. Don’t just rush into the first benefit agreement – there are a few things to consider at first:


Go through the list of features for each host and see what will directly contribute to your project. There are future needs that you may not have considered.

Resources and Planning

Start with RAM and CPU, as it is the foundation that empowers your VPS server. See if you have enough storage space and monthly bandwidth.

Make sure you have a place to grow. Well-managed VPS providers all scale quickly, allowing you to add or remove resources for each need.


You can check the speed of your potential host even before you start working with them. Make sure to get a free trial or demo tour from the VPS provider. Sign up, install a simple online page, and test its functionality with a third-party tool like GTMetrix or Pingdom. Do a few tests to avoid false positives.

Uptime is a bit tricky as you need more time to check it. However, you can always check for customer reviews to make sure there is a clear refund policy in unexpected break times.

Ease to Use

It is especially useful if this is your first time with a managed VPS, or you have no clue how to maintain it technically. Also, most managed VPS providers will allow you to test the interface and navigate, so you can ensure that your hosting options will fit you well before paying for the service. So the website maintenance will be painless and smooth.


That is often the most important thing. Any provider can provide 24/7 support, but very few really solve the customers’ issues. So make sure to have a pre-sale discussion and ask for a good overview of the help you will receive as a client.

Is support 24/7? How quickly did they react? Are they properly qualified to solve complex problems?


Virtual servers are usually a bit more expensive than shared hosting, but the price difference is getting smaller day by day. However, don’t just look for low prices. The price you pay as an investment in your business can return multiple times.

Your needs should be the priority. For example, you wouldn’t get a 16 CPU core, a 12 GB RAM resource to support a small local cupcake shop. And you would no longer need advanced eCommerce functionality if your website doesn’t sell products online. Explain your goals and how you can achieve them – your managed VPS provider can help with everything else.


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